Голливудские звезды распродают имущество в кризис Actress Liza Minnelli was put up for auction a collection of paintings cheaper than its real value. And she wasn’t the only star forced to make allowances for the crisis.

    Голливудские звезды распродают имущество в кризис

    “To sell something unnecessary, you must first buy something unnecessary≫, – said the uncle Fedor from the cartoon about Buttermilk. At the peak of his career, the artists acquire all that your heart desires without looking at the price tags. Some do it for fun, others take it as a good investment. Reasons why celebrities part with their treasures, and much more. And not even the best for sales time on the market, you can find the most diverse star property.

    Canvas oil

    70-year-old Liza Minnelli is going to spend the rest of days pretty for this a year ago, she moved from new York to cheery Los Angeles. However, to turn in “city of angels” as follows Liza prevent huge medical expenses and zero income – state of health it is almost not removed, and does not give concerts. The way out, the actress saw in the sale of the collection of works of the artist Andy Warhol – wholesale.

    22 picture actress asks for $40 million, half the amount that Minnelli could get if I’d put Warhol piece.

    “He wrote a lot Lisa, now in the collection, there were four portraits”, – said the expert.
    Голливудские звезды распродают имущество в кризис

    But Liza does not want to spend the time searching for more profitable deals. The money that she’ll help, and so enough on her age and children, the actress is not, and worry about the welfare of the heirs is not necessary. In February at Christies auction house had sold another stellar collection. Singer sting was put up for auction more than 150 pieces of modern art, including paintings by Matisse, Picasso and Gustav Klimt. The collection was sold, because it was easier than moving her to a new home and shove in the corners.

    “When the children gone, sting and his wife Trudy sold the London house and bought another less – told an acquaintance of the family. – Old collection just would not leave them for the next purchases.


    Голливудские звезды распродают имущество в кризис

    George Clooney for many years owned half of the estate, Calamigos in Mexico, the other half which belonged to his girlfriend – model Cindy Crawford. The close proximity allowed George to enjoy his bachelor freedom, from time to time, warming up with someone else’s family. After Clooney’s marriage with the party was over and the house full of personal memories was not necessary.

    The actor wanted to sell his part of the complex, to buy the husband of Cindy a few rooms in their part and split in half lot of expenses on the maintenance of Mexican villas. In the plan there was a flaw in the form of having to tolerate a new roommate. Therefore, friends has sold two houses for $100 million and went in search of a new “community”.

    Голливудские звезды распродают имущество в кризис

    In February, Julia Roberts, desperate to lure a buyer for your Hawaiian estate, cut the price to $21 950 000.Initially, the actress asked for 30 million – double the amount paid in 2011. Julia had a plan to move to the Islands all the family, to avoid the annoying attention. Big fan of organic food, she was keeping house with land on which to grow fruit, vegetables and livestock.

    Mansion of 1915 in Hanalei Bay seemed perfect. But Julia’s husband, cameraman Danny Moder, resisted the idea to quit Hollywood for digging in the garden, and in April of last year, the actress admitted that he was right. In the end, to find a new place for the raised beds is easier than a new husband…

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