Звезды Голливуда оплакивают создателя фильма «Красотка»
Died Director Garry Marshall.

Звезды Голливуда оплакивают создателя фильма «Красотка»

Garry Marshall

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As it became known, in California
the hospital in Burbank, at the age of 81 years, died the famous Director,
producer and screenwriter Garry Marshall. The cause of his death was pneumonia that developed
in the result of bed rest, which he was forced to follow after
recently experienced a stroke.

Harry mourns the whole Hollywood
show-business. Movies Marshall adored by audiences of all ages, and many actors
are indebted to him for his successful career. All it took
participation, in one capacity or another, in
the creation of the three hundred movies! Only the Director works Marshall left
after more three decades. The most famous of the films Harry is, of course,
“Pretty woman” (1990), who suddenly made Julia Roberts a star of the first
value. Marshall took off and the sequel to his hit romantic Comedy “Runaway bride” (1999), also
which became a hit. He is the Creator of “Valentine’s Day” (2010) and “the Old New
Of the year (2011).

No less known use and operate
Marshall created for television. This series received a record
ratings. Especially remembered by the audience family sitcom “Happy
days”, which became extremely popular in the 1970s, “Mork mindy” — a fantasy series that made a star
young Robin Williams.

Zelda, the daughter of Williams, who passed away in 2014 after learning about the death
Director, has left on his page in the social network words of appreciation
in his address. “Dear Garry Marshall, you have forever changed my father’s life, and therefore mine. Thank you for what you brought everyone so much joy with their

Ashton Kutcher, who starred at Marshall in
romantic Comedy “Valentine’s Day”, also honored the memory of Harry. “I
lost teacher and friend. And all of us — a wonderful person and master. Garry, I
love you and can only hope for a meeting where you without a doubt

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in “Pretty woman”

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