Голливудская улыбка: Виктория Боня поставила брекеты

The socialite has decided to adjust the bite

As bequeathed to us by Anton Chekhov, in a person everything should be beautiful: face and clothes, soul and thoughts”… “And teeth,” adds Victoria Bonia. The girl turned to one of the dental clinics that using braces to correct the bite.

Recently we wrote about the fact that the plastic surgeon Julian De Silva with the help of special computer program has made a rating of the Russian celebrities with perfect faces (measure of beauty individuals in the mapping program were statues of the Greek goddesses). The results of the study sixth place was taken by Victoria Bonia. Her face 84,43% corresponds to a perfect proportion. But, apparently, this ex-participant of Dom-2 was not enough. So she went to the orthodontist to correct your smile.

On his page in the social network she posted a video of his visit to the doctor. “I again decided on the braces, though this time lingual. Now I Lisp. But to correct the bite,” wrote the presenter. Judging by the video its vocal apparatus do several injured. Bonia now talking like a hero Sadalsky “Brick” from the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”. But as they say, beauty demands victims. For a Hollywood smile you can be patient.

I again decided on the braces, though this time lingual. Now I Lisp But correct bite orthodontist Contacts will be listed in my #VBVlog Remind my vlog you can download active link on the home page Or can be it in the #AppStore, write mo’s name Victoria Bonya Video content is available in the free section! #getprecisecoordinate

Video posted by Victoria Bonya (@victoriabonya) Jul 25 2016 11:35 PDT

Recall that this is not the first change in the appearance of Victoria. And the previous wore for a much more radical character. Journalists caught Boni in the plastic face and chest, comparing her photos over the years. Although Victoria herself surgery denies, saying that her appearance is a gift of mother nature.

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