Голливудский секс-скандал привел к крушению киноимперии Харви Вайнштейна
The company disgraced producer declared bankruptcy.

Голливудский секс-скандал привел к крушению киноимперии Харви Вайнштейна

Harvey Weinstein


Perhaps the most high-profile Hollywood scandal dealt a fatal blow not
only in his very culprit — an influential Hollywood producer, but on his “brainchild”.
Company Harvey Weinstein ceased to exist, officially declaring bankruptcy.
As it became known, for its $ 500 million will buy the consortium
headed by the famous entrepreneur Maria Conteras Suites. As already
announced Mrs. Conteras Suite, the company will continue to carry more
the name, and she will personally see to it that in its leadership a significant
part of the posts were held by women. Because in addition to the person claims to Weinstein, entered
many complaints and other officials of the company who allegedly harassed his

We will remind: scandal Weinstein began last fall, when
8 women stated that sexual harassment Harvey. And
then there were those who claimed that they were directly abused
hand Weinstein. To date, statements Harvey wrote
more than fifty women. It is learned that at present, a complaint against him
investigated by the police in two countries — in the USA and in the UK.

Moreover, beginning with Weinstein, this scandal has dragged in your “whirlpool”
many other Hollywood figures Steven Seagal, Brett Ratner, James
Franco, Casey Affleck… involved in the scandal was even such a luminary of Hollywood,
like Dustin Hoffman. Wave swept up the shores of Australia, where
harassment accused the winner of “Oscar” — actor Geoffrey rush. “Ricochet” and got johnny Depp. Although he was not
convicted of harassment, in the Wake of the scandal he remembered the story with his ex
wife amber heard, who accused him of beating and ill-treatment. In the end
Johnny lost a lot of fans and almost lost his role in the new film
franchise “Fantastic beasts and where they live”.

Johnny Depp in the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live”

Photo: Kino-teatr.ru