Hollywood harassment scandal has come to Australia

Голливудский скандал с домогательствами докатился до Австралии
The star of the movie the King’s speech was another person involved in the story.

Geoffrey Rush


A scandal that began with revelations
powerful producer Harvey Weinstein, is becoming more and more
uncontrolled form. If you that concerned one of the defendants
scandal — like Vistana and
Brett Ratner, almost no one had doubts about their guilt , then
accusations began to push against almost all influential figures of show business. And
truth in the accusations against many of them seem rather dubious.

Now a wave of “revelations” reached already and the coast
Australia. Recently it became known that a complaint was received at the star of the film “King
says,” and franchise “pirates of the Caribbean”, the winner of many film and stage awards, including “Oscar”, “Golden
globe” and “Tony”, the distinguished actor 66-year-old Geoffrey rush. It all started in
the fact that rush has received notification from the theatre company, in plays which
he participated that the contract is broken. And the reason for this unilateral
the company’s solutions become an anonymous complaint of some Actresses — the alleged “improper
the behavior of” Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was unpleasantly surprised by this turn
events and demanded to be told what it is, and on who exactly
he complained. But, to the utter astonishment
and anxiety rush, the management company refused. The General Manager announced
Jeffrey, that is not going to disclose any details of the story. The only
I was able to learn the actor is a certain incident with his participation was supposed to happen in 2015,
when he played in the play “King Lear”. In the end, rush was absurd
situation: this information became known to the public, and his reputation suffered. And
he has no ability to defend himself, nor even to somehow answer
charges because it is unclear what, in fact, he is considered guilty!

As a result, Jeffrey decided he filed in
voluntary resignation from the post of President of the Australian Academy. “This decision was gave to me uneasy. But I don’t see
other way. After all, this story casts a shadow on the reputation — and not only mine, but working with
me colleagues that I consider unacceptable. Therefore, I declare that resign.
Can’t change my decision for as long as the circumstances of this case will not be
clarified!” — said Jeffrey.