Hollywood does not believe in the new novel of Tom cruise

Голливуд не верит в новый роман Тома Круза Psychologists believe that the artist lives with illusions and forgets about what is really going on in his life. The world press reports that Tom cruise is in love again and was going to marry. However, congratulations may be premature, as has happened more than once.

      Голливуд не верит в новый роман Тома Круза

      The beloved 54-year-old actor called the British actress Vanessa Kirby. Tom spotted 28-year-old lady in the TV series “the Crown” where she played Princess Margaret, younger sister of the Queen. “He immediately told the producers of the sixth part of the Saga “Mission impossible” that Vanessa should give a key role, say sources close to the actor. – In the eyes of Tom, in this young woman’s old-fashioned charm with overflowing life energy.”

      Say in a personal meeting between Tom and Vanessa is not just a spark slipped and downright short circuit happened. The only problem is that Cruz, if you believe the press falls in love at every step, but over the past five years no woman beside him did not stay.

      Sister in mind

      After his divorce from Katie Holmes in August 2012, the actor has decided to find a bride in the circles of adherents of Scientology, because the leadership of the sect strongly advised him not to contact inovertime. In November 2013 he several times noticed together with the actress of the series “Orange is the new black” Laura Obstacles.

      “They have long been familiar, run in the same circles, share similar beliefs, told her friends. Laura was always sympathetic to him, and thanks to the TV series That was able to evaluate her acting talent”.

      Cruz invited Laura in the popular Scientology a French restaurant and picked her up in a vintage car, because I heard that the actress loves the old man. For this reason, he ordered a bottle of Merlot 1979 these wines in regular wine list, as a rule, you will not find. On the first date, they sat at a table for three hours, immersed in a pleasant conversation with jokes, rhymes. Until April of 2014, rumors walked free, though paparazzi failed to remove Tom and Laura together. Then miss Obstacles suddenly began to deny everything. Said that respect cruise as an actor and considers him as a sexual man, but to meet – no, no.

      Little helper

      Голливуд не верит в новый роман Тома Круза

      In November 2014 the film “MENA” Tom suddenly began to shower tokens of his 22-year-old assistant Emily Thomas.

      “He left her side only to appear in another stage, – told the witnesses. – And then came back like a boomerang. Pretended that even the shoes cannot be lace up without her help.”

      This time the paparazzi were more fortunate – and journalists immediately noted the resemblance of Emily and Katie Holmes. According to rumors, Tom is even a bit scared, so he asked the assistant not to dye brunette. Otherwise, he involuntarily flinched every time Emily walked in his trailer. The rest of the actor was supposedly satisfied their relationship, took the girl with him around the world and I gifted her Souvenirs. Romantic story fell apart when it became clear that Emily is the fiance of the young and handsome carpenter named Alex. For six months the correspondence by going head to head with Tom cruise, the guy has proven that it can provide a lover of travel and adventure. But That youth do not return for any money…


      Голливуд не верит в новый роман Тома Круза

      In October 2016, filming in England in the next reissue of “the Mummy”, That was the victim of the spell of a local beauty. As he told the members of the crew, the actor drove with a new passion for Biking through the most picturesque parts of the English province, sometimes tete-a-tete, sometimes under the supervision of his sister.

      Mysterious British woman was staying in a rented house of the actor, stayed at his London mansion, but what was her name and where she quickly disappeared, no reason to find out failed. It is only known that the girl had a weakness for dishes of beans. Probably, at first Tom thought it was sweet manifestation of naturalness, and then he wanted to live the rest of days in the fresh air.

      Now That is lavish with his compliments to Vanessa Kirby and is ready though tomorrow to run with her to the altar. Does miss his enthusiasm, is still unknown. Probably not. Hollywood experts on mental health stars think it’s time to finish with an imaginary personal life: watch less TV shows, more to walk the streets, and finally to visit his daughter Suri, which he had not seen for three years.