Голливудская актриса «похоронила» Боя Джорджа вместо Джорджа Майкла

Christmas 2016 was the last one for the singer George Michael. 53-year-old singer died from heart failure on December 25. This event shocked and plunged into mourning the whole of the Western musical world. About their feelings about Michael’s death, wrote in social networks, many celebrities, but one Hollywood actress particularly excelled.

Star of the TV series “Buffy – the winner of the vampire” Sarah Michelle Gellar is George Michael have buried the boy George, writes the Daily Mirror.

In mournful message posted on Twitter, Gellar got the names mixed up and this, of course, noticed her followers: “do You really want to hurt me? It seems so, 2016 — #ripboygeorge. I really was one of your most loyal fans,” wrote Sarah Michelle.

The subscribers pointed out to Sarah to fail. However, many could not resist the sarcasm. “Pssst, @SarahMGellar got the wrong guy,” wrote one of the subscribers.
However, the actress did not panic, he deleted the message and later wrote about what he considered his mistake: “That’s why I don’t usually comment on public topics. But this [death singer] was so sad and on Christmas day. Lesson learned”.