Holiday flavor: collector’s edition Nina Pop limited edition

Аромат праздника: коллекционное издание Nina Pop выпущено ограниченным тиражом

Nina Ricci celebrates the first anniversary of the iconic Nina fragrance. The celebration was marked by the release of the classic toilet water Nina in a bottle with confetti.

The famous fragrance of Nina in a bottle-the bull’s eye first saw the light 10 years ago. As you can guess from the title, it was devoted to Nina Ricci, the founder of the fashion house Nina Ricci. On the song, which was destined to become a classic, worked star perfumer Olivier Crespo. Feminine, light, elegant with a note of caramel Apple (by the way, is a very popular dessert in France), the scent immediately won the hearts of women all over the world. To the admirers of perfume do not get bored, the brand decided every year to release its collector’s edition. For example, in 2009, on the shelves of boutiques fragrance Nina appeared in the vial, created in collaboration with Swarovski brand – leaflets “Apple” was adorned with crystals, reminiscent of cool drops of dew. Five years later he was released Nina Fantasy in cheerful pink bottle with funny drawings. In 2015, Parisians and residents of other major cities came to the delight of the gourmet flavour Les Délices de Nina gold packaging design.

This special year – in 2016 the fragrance Nina is 10 years old. The anniversary was an important occasion for the release of the legendary perfume in collectible bottle Nina Pop. In the advertising campaign festive edition starred Swedish top model Frida Gustavsson, face of the fragrance Nina Ricci.

This time lacquered white Apple decorated with a scattering of festive confetti. The author’s colorful design has become a well-known French artist Coco. As for the composition, it remained unchanged. Sweet Apple, delicate peony, citrus accords and notes of praline chocolates and vanilla – this exquisite bouquet will decorate both casual and evening outfits. In boutiques presents a limited number of commemorative bottles should hurry to become the owner of the coveted Nina Pop, because that will not happen again!

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