Праздничные «Сумасшедшие дни», или Жёлтому Привидению – 30!
Symbol and mascot of one of the most famous sales celebrates anniversary.

Праздничные «Сумасшедшие дни», или Жёлтому Привидению – 30!

In the Stockmann Department store is coming next “Crazy days”! As in past seasons, during the legendary five-day week, which this time is expected with 5 to 9 October, you can significantly save on purchases, take part in lucrative promotions and generally have fun. But this time it will be much more interesting and cooler. And all because the “Crazy days” – a nice yellow Ghost, this spring marks 30 years!

Crazy, but very nice character

Buyers do not remember when the Department stores Stockmann appeared first on yellow Ghost. And it happened in 1986 in Finnish stores. That is, 30 years ago. Since then, every time during the traditional action “the Crazy days”, it welcomes visitors, entertains them and, to be honest, never against hooliganism, for example, to change the location of the goods on the shelf. In General, doing everything to create a special, crazy, but full of magic atmosphere. And it turns out: these days is really similar to the crazy fun and celebration.

Despite its age, the yellow Ghost still loves to be naughty, and your birthday it intends to celebrate in a special way. In addition to the traditional quest – the hunt for products with yellow price tag, visitors can expect an exciting competition, which aims to catch the birthday boy. How? With Mermaids, Batman, Chess Queen, a company of Gypsies and other fairy tale characters, which will change the sellers. They will try to create all the customers in a good mood, and together arrange a competition for the most hilarious costume in yellow-and-black character style action.

Gifts from yellow Ghost

If some people made the birthday to receive gifts, that yellow Ghost, by contrast, likes to give them, offering customers a truly fabulous prices on a range of goods.

First, in terms of wardrobe, for children, for men and women. In the October catalog “Crazy days” will participate children’s clothing brands Kerry, Reima Jacket, Kuoma, Viking and Janus, created by Scandinavian designers to meet harsh weather conditions. So that you can be sure that, despite the unpredictability of the Russian winter, our babies these things will be comfortable. Fashionistas will surely enjoy clothing brands Cut & Pret, Etcetera, Tommy Hilfiger, Betty Barclay Taifun and. At the corners of these brands are sold the most actual in this season the coat styles: single-breasted cropped cocoon coat, collarless with round neckline and double breasted trench coats. Warm jackets and cropped trench coats own brands are Stockmann Cap Horn, Bodyguard, elegant French brand Pierre Cardin, as well as the Danish fashion brand Jack & Jones will be a real boon for men.

Cosmetics. In the Department of cosmetics and perfumes in the Department store Stockmann will be possible to find affordable, high-quality care products for skin and hair in the cold season, as well as update your makeup bag with the latest trends. By the way, the lipstick is plum and berry tones, shades with a Golden glow, lipsticks dark tones is what is fashionable this fall.

The goods for the house. Popular dishes of the legendary manufacturer of gourmet dining utensils with two centuries of history Wedgwood, the porcelain of the English mark Churchill, blankets and other pleasant “little things” that create a homelike atmosphere and warm the long winter months, also it will be possible to acquire discounts.

By the way, regular buyers are waiting for valuable prizes: a trip for two in the hotels family vacation certificates travel by boat or modern watches. All of this will play out in a special quiz every day from 5 to 9 October.

Festive feast

Well, what’s a birthday without a feast? Those who are tired of shopping and crazy fun, yellow Ghost recommends to relax, and along with a tasty snack at the Deli, which works in the Stockmann Department store at mega Khimki, mega Teply Stan, in Yekaterinburg and in the flagship five-storey Stockmann in St. Petersburg. There is always fresh pastries, snacks and desserts from signature chefs, as well as tea, coffee and other drinks, that is all to celebrate not only the birthday of a good and funny ghosts, but its a good and very good shopping!