Hockey player Alexander Radulov left his wife a year later after the wedding

Хоккеист Александр Радулов расстался с женой спустя год после свадьбы The forward of “Montreal” and gymnast Daria Dmitrieva, a luxury wedding which has died down in June last year, made the decision to leave. About this athlete said in one of his social networks. The reasons why young people decided to leave, they do not reveal.
Хоккеист Александр Радулов расстался с женой спустя год после свадьбы

Today it became known that the 30-year-old Alexander Radulov was separated from his wife Daria Dmitrieva, the silver medallist of Olympic games-2012. About this ex-girlfriend of a famous athlete announced in social networks. As of the publication of Daria, she finally parted with her husband. Apparently, young people are divorced.

Reporters contacted with Daria, but she declined to comment about the situation. Post Dmitrieva, which made a lot of noise on the Internet, was placed in the section storis in Instagram.

“Well, my friends! That’s all! Just six months later, and this hell is finally over. Thank you for everything! Good luck, God bless,” wrote a woman.
Хоккеист Александр Радулов расстался с женой спустя год после свадьбы

In another publication Dmitriev made it clear that he has put an end to relations with Radulov. “But I promised to care, to love, to cherish,” she murmured, burying the corpse”, – said Dmitrieva accompanied its publication hashtags “who’s next for marriage registration, to, easy,” “life is beautiful and amazing”, and “Busia joking”.

Subscribers Daria started to ask her is she broke up with her husband. In the comments to the post, the young woman confirmed speculation of fans. “No Sasha in my life, no picture,” – said the gymnast.

Хоккеист Александр Радулов расстался с женой спустя год после свадьбы

Recall that the wedding of Alexander Radulov and his beloved Daria Dmitrieva took place in June last year in the suburbs. Luxurious celebration, referring to the myths of Ancient Greece, took place in the suburban HOMESTEAD. For one evening the choice of the player has changed several stunning outfits.

Among the guests of the celebration were TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and her husband, hockey player CSKA Moscow Igor Makarov and Dmitry Kugryshev, Grigory Panin, Nikita Kvartalnov, Anna Gavrilenko, Elena Posevina, Daria Shkuruhina and many other colleagues of the bride and groom. Leading the event were Stanislav Yarushin and Ararat, Kesan from “Uni”. For music said the rapper Basta.

We also add that Alexander Radulov and Daria Dmitrieva registered their relationship in August 2015, and in November the couple had a charming son Makar. When the child is a little older, loving couple decided to announce their happiness and have a luxurious celebration. “Both are outstanding athletes, said “StarHit” the organizer of Queen Victoria. – Alexander is one of the best Russian players, Daria silver medalist of the Olympic games, so we chose the theme of Greek mythology”.