History: why Angelina Jolie is suffering from health problems

История болезни: почему Анджелина Джоли страдает от проблем со здоровьем A year ago, the Hollywood star has filed for divorce from brad pitt. Many fans noticed that the sight of Angelina Jolie, who is trying to raise six children without the help of a spouse, leaves much to be desired. She often complains of problems with health.
История болезни: почему Анджелина Джоли страдает от проблем со здоровьем

The emaciated form of a 42-year-old actress has long been a question if she was okay. In late July, Angelina admitted that she suffers from hypertension and facial paralysis – the disease usually occurs on a background of stress. At the end of August it became known that under the long dress she hides the symptoms of another serious disease – varicose veins. “Angelina is shy veins in the legs – say friends of the actress. – Doctors have warned that due to frequent flight condition worsens, begin to form clots, and this is a direct threat to life. Need surgery, but Angelina can’t afford to spend a few weeks in bed.”

Lovely curse

Angelina does everything that brad did not think that health does not allow her to care for children. In the first interview after the breakup she told me about a fabulous new stage in the mansion, which he bought in Los Feliz for $24.5 million “I’m learning to be a housewife,’ said Angelina. – Clean up after the dog, wash dishes, read to children at night. Making progress!” She was allegedly fond of cooking, but familiar in it’s hard to believe.

“Angie hates the kitchen, they say. – She doesn’t know how to boil eggs, and when the toast, he always gets burnt. Her daughter Shiloh in eleven years is much better for mothers and often replaces it by the stove”.
История болезни: почему Анджелина Джоли страдает от проблем со здоровьем

Brad also does not believe that it is helpless in the home, the wife suddenly became the perfect hostess. “He would have been happy if Angelina is settled with the children in one place – explain it to friends. But actually she continues to carry them with you around the world.” Travel sons Maddox, Paxam and Knox, and daughters Saharai, Shiloh and Vivienne look not baby-sitters, and men-bodyguards, which sometimes leads to a different kind of emergency.

Not so long ago, 9-year-old daughter a pair of Vivienne photographed with a plaster on his forehead. Anxiety, no you got the girl a serious head injury, only strengthened brad’s intention to apply to the court to give him more time to spend with children and more rights in their upbringing.

Broken promises

Allowing brad to see heirs under the supervision of a psychologist, Angelina the whole year trying to make sure that the meetings were fewer and shorter. In June, when the U.S. celebrate father’s Day, the actress allowed brad to spend with the guys, only two hours because they “accidentally” scheduled for that day a trip.

The hardest separation from the father takes Shiloh, which constantly asks the mother to let her go to brad’s to visit or at least be allowed to chat privately. Last time this happiness fell to them in July last year.

“Shay – daddy’s girl – say close to family. – The complex nature of all children. They have brad inextricably linked. The girl calls him at night in secret from his mother because she found it difficult to sleep without an evening of tales of the father.”

Angelina is trying to replace him grandpa. Her prodigal dad, actor Jon Voight, with whom she had spoken my entire adult life, was called to execute a parental duty with forty years late. At least pitt still can not to worry, that next to Angie draw a foreign man. “Angelina is finding new advantages in the rejection of the sex – explain the sources. – She reads books on how to turn unspent sexual energy into creative. To learn how to do this, the actress even took up yoga, which I always hated.”

But the actress still does not let health problems. “Sometimes I feel that my body betrays me. However, in such moments I try to laugh,” says Angelina in an interview.