Жена Шнурова поскандалила с экс-солисткой «Ленинграда» Matilda and Sergei Shnurov disgruntled group left the party. Alisa VOX announced that it was launching a solo career. What was the true reason of leaving of the singer is unknown.

      Жена Шнурова поскандалила с экс-солисткой «Ленинграда»

      Yesterday all the fans of the famous group “Leningrad” with disappointment received the news that one of the brightest members of the team decided to leave her. Alice Vaux, whose vocal was used in the popular song “the Exhibit” is about to start his solo project. The wife of the soloist and one of the founders of “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov Matilda indignant ingratitude lead singer.

      “Alice, surprisingly, was not thanks no Ice, where 12 thousand spectators looked at you, nor at the Moscow concerts sold out. You got most of the subscribers are fans of the band “Leningrad,” said the wife of the frontman for the now former member of the team.

      It is fair to say that on his page in the social network Alice VOX yesterday addressed to all members of the team, including the founder of the group. “Working with Sergei Shnurov gave me a huge experience in stage life, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to develop and improve. Also, I thank all the musicians and people close to the group that were with me and supported me the last three and a half years,” wrote VOX.

      Sergey Shnurov is also not left without attention to changes in the group founded by him. He hinted that because of him and the group as a whole members get fame and popularity. “On a whim made from medium girls quite a stars. Think of the way the material promote. Decide how to to their loved. Well, not exactly them, the way, of course. The efforts of our team we create a character of myth out of nothing. It’s our job. And because of that we are pretty good doing their job, you experience the claims. Audiences love the image made by us, and hate the end. But it is inevitable. Invented by me and made by the staff of the Heroine of the myth pretty quickly and naively starting to believe in their divine nature. And Goddesses we do not know”, – said Sergey his fans in the microblog.

      Now most fans of “Leningrad” wondering what caused the sudden change in the composition of the group, especially when the band gives concerts and is at the peak of popularity. Some says that a possible reason for Alice to leave the group began an affair with Shnurov. But Mathilde is confident in fidelity of the spouse.

      “My husband wasn’t having an affair with Alice! — Matilda told LifeNews. — Yes, and jealousy cannot be the reason for the departure of the artist from the group. People say a lot of things”.


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