Бузова разлуку с мужем лечит безудержным шопингом

Leading “House-2” removes the stress of buying absolutely everything. And all because the husband Dmitry Tarasov left her…

If we have Swami, ordinary people, summer is the holiday period, the players all the way around. That went midfielder Moscow “Locomotive” at another meeting, leaving his wife to be sad.

Tomorrow husband goes to fees, taking a day off together,” wrote Olga in social networks. And then homesick. And then, without hesitation, went to treat the Blues the faithful maiden way – shopping!

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For the company Olga took her sister, Anna, and together, the girls went to the center, because that’s where all the most expensive and so cute womens heart luxurious boutiques.

Buzova bought a purse, and black shoes on high heels and a huge number of things that are difficult to fit in bulky packages.

“Who goes shopping in the morning, he is wise. My beloved Anna Buzova bought a lot of beauty today,” boasted the leading in Instagram and added pictures in the fitting room and shopping.

Itself Olga organized a celebration, but fans hurt…

“Some show-off! Zadolbali each package to expose… my God, what a farm, anyone surprised by this?” – outraged one.

“The girl decorates modesty, dear, remember that!” – added other.

There were those who feared for the family budget and wished Buzova to her husband to come back soon, and then suddenly the girl is so boring that it will spend absolutely everything!

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