«Его ненависть растёт!» Лена Темникова рассказала о затяжной войне с Максимом Фадеевым
The singer patiently tolerate the attitude of his former colleagues to their work.

Elena Temnikova

Photo: Facebook

Elena Temnikova, who was always a girl
open and friendly, not for the first time was at the center of a scandal
with the band SEREBRO.
During a recent tour in Kazakhstan, the singer gave an interview to the local program
“The ether”, where in detail how the complex tortured her at a time when
she was a soloist of the popular group.

“I had
talk with the producer… It was my personal systems, I usually brought up
always ashamed of my body. It was difficult for me to wear something above the knees,
I was uncomfortable in my Boobs. I understand what people think about us. Although it was
just the image! But to me it was not easy. Frankly: I asked me
to cover, but sexuality, it still works. Now I have no
producer. I have closed suits, and I am most comfortable
feel,” said Lena.

Temnikova said that no longer supports
relationships with former colleagues from the group. She had the incident when
she met with the girls at one of concerts.

“We just crossed in the “Olympic”, and
crossed so that there was no one. I said Hello, smiled, with all
soul… Like a fool! And in response to this reaction: “FR-R-R”, — said the singer.

A few days later after Temnikova
opened the heart with journalists, the record of ether is suddenly removed. Artist
commented on the situation.

“And so for 4 years. Well, can not come to terms with
my success, — believes Elena is probably referring to his former producer
Maxim Fadeev. — I just don’t have the habit you every day to write posts and
to complain, which is again closed or asked to close me. Live happily and
work on. But today, my Direct inundated with questions about why banned my
an interview with Kazakhstan’s popular project “The Ether”. And I want to support
colleagues. Details in stories. Often my friends (and only friends, and people in
topic) asking when it will end. Answer: never. While I’m with you and
give tours of the giant platforms, his hatred only growing. Therefore, we will not
doing nice things for him and discuss it every day… On this subject suggest