Отца погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера довели до слез в прямом эфире A man mourns the bereavement. Arkady Smokes died 26 June, after an accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The culprit yet believe the driver of a foreign car, 20-year-old Arcadia Smelov, who was in a drunken state. He was detained until August 26.
Отца погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера довели до слез в прямом эфире

Two days ago on the Kutuzovsky prospectus there was a terrible accident. 20-year-old student Arkady Smelov on the Mercedes ML hit a biker who was moving on the adjacent lane. Driving a Yamaha R1 motorcycle was a 23-year-old heads section MADImoto Arkady Smokes. He received a closed craniocerebral injury, contusion of the heart, lung, ruptured spleen, liver, closed fracture of the right wrist, bruises of the right knees and thighs. The doctors were unable to save his life.

It turned out that Smelov was the son of entrepreneurs who work in the grocery business. According to the investigating authorities at the time of the accident he was drunk. His blood was found to 0.39 ppm of alcohol. Beside him in the cabin there was a girl Julia Dubovtseva. She was the one driving the car when the collision occurred with the motorcycle. The girl came in to the police. However, according to the lawyer of the student Konstantin Oreshenkov, Arkady yanked the wheel from the passenger seat, so there is not just the fault of its client.

Отца погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера довели до слез в прямом эфире

Smelova against a criminal case under article 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of traffic rules, entailed death”). Arkady could face up to seven years in prison. The court decides the fate of the student. At MGIMO, where he learned the guy had already signed the order for his expulsion without the right of recovery on the course. The Smelov was taken into custody until August 26 inclusive.

In the program “live” tried to figure out exactly how the accident occurred and to understand the behavior of the perpetrators. The Studio came the father of the deceased Dimova, Arkady, who could not hold back the tears.

“We could not have children. His mother asked the Lord to give us the baby. Begged. Exactly 12 years later he gave us a son,” the man says.
Отца погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера довели до слез в прямом эфире

Arkady Smokes was the leader of the motorcycle club at the University MADI. He and his comrades participated in actions dedicated to different holidays, including Victory Day. June 28, friends and family said goodbye to Arkady. He was buried in a cemetery in Yudino.

During the detention, Smelov behaved hamovato and got out of the car with a naked torso. Law enforcement authorities found out that the car had indeed been issued for him, but most likely bought by means of parents. The father of Julia called the father of Arkady smokes and offered to forgive his daughter, but the man refused him.

As the Pope says of the deceased, the violators of traffic rules were established bawdy numbers on the car. “XXX 280 rooms. This is the article for drugs. We can say that he by chance was given a room, but I doubt,” says the father of the biker Arkady.

According to many experts, in the video, which appeared online after the accident, Smelov is in a deranged state. Some guests of the Studio suggested that he had used banned substances , and then washed them down with alcohol.

Отца погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера довели до слез в прямом эфире

The friends of the deceased say that he did not violate traffic rules, this is the car of the culprit too quickly regrouped in another lane. A few minutes before the accident, the other biker Michael talked to him. Other friends claimed to have maintained contact with a biker, even during its movement along the Avenue.

“20 minutes before the incident we were talking. Night I called up Nikita and told that Arcadia did not,” said friend smokes.

As stated by the father of the biker, he plans to sit on the bike and take part in the upcoming rally dedicated to the great Patriotic war. “I’m not looking for revenge, don’t want to draw blood. I want the investigation to understand and punish the culprit,” said the man. Friends of Arcadia will seek justice in the case of an accident.