His breakdown on the air of “House-2”

Бузова разрыдалась в эфире «Дома-2»

Problems with the husband affect the behavior of the stars on the court.

It seems that the rift in the family Tarasov and Buzova not say just lazy. What happened? Was there infidelity? And who will live dogs? The pace is even about the divorce, Jolie and pitt are at risk to forget!

As to the couple, comment on the news, they are in no hurry. And as hard as it was undergoing a quarrel with a loved Buzova, she kept a stiff upper lip. And with a head left in work… But I guess emotion took over! During another broadcast of “House-2” Olga cried on the set.

At this point, one of the pairs, nanny Abramson and Valery Blumenkrantz, said that they expect perience. Olga, hearing this, could not hold back the tears.

“This is another confirmation of the fact that true love,” said the blonde star.

However, fans Buzova decided that it is not only her joy for the participants. And she cried because her dreams of a full family with children crumbling.

But recently in the network leaked the news that, despite all entreaties Oli to have children, Tarasov and his offspring did not want to rush. He already has a daughter from his first marriage, and about the second child, he does not think.

In addition, the player has copied mom suburban cottage pair with an area of over 800 square meters. The reasons one can only guess. Well, of course the most obvious – in order not to divide the property in case of divorce.