Hippie chic: Middleton redrew designer dress

Хиппи шик: Миддлтон перекроила дизайнерское платье

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband toured India and Bhutan. First stop was Mumbai. The outfit, which Kate chose for my first day in India, was very unusual.

New Royal tour, Kate Middleton decided to choose outfits Indian designers. It became clear back in England during the friendly visit of guests from India and Bhutan. For his first walk in Mumbai Kate chose a dress by Indian designer Anita Dongre that her stylist was a bit modified.

Kate Middleton once again radically changed its image. It seems that during his tour of India she will forget about the strict dress-cases. New look hippie style was very becoming the Duchess of Cambridge. She completed the outfit with ethnic patterns, bright boats on the wedge. As such, she visited one of the poorest areas of Mumbai played cricket with the kids.

The journalists of The Telegraph was contacted by designer Anita Dongre to figure out the details of cooperation. As it turned out, stylist and personal assistant Natasha Middleton Archer wrote Dongre an email a month ago and asked them to send some clothes for the Duchess. The designer sent a lookbook of spring-summer collection, then Natasha picked out a few models. However, Anita had no idea how the creature will look on Kate. “It was a real surprise. I was home when I saw pictures of her images. New design I really liked,” said Anita The Telegraph.

In the original version the dress was much longer and it was decorated with traditional Indian culture Cape. Stylist to the Duchess shortened the length of the hem, turned the cloak into the belt and removed additional layers of skirts. “She looks very fresh and modern,” commented the designer. By the way, now the version of the dress Kate can be purchased on the website Anita Dongre. Its cost is about $266.

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