Hillary Duff will once again be a mother

Хиллари Дафф снова станет мамой
The star of “Talking with ghosts” announced her pregnancy.

Photo: Instagram

30-year-old actress Hilary Duff,
remembered by the viewers for her roles in the TV series “Ghost Whisperer” and “Gossip girl” announced that she is expecting a child. “I and my
boyfriend Matthew Koma waiting for the little Princess. And we just couldn’t be
more pleased and excited in anticipation of her birth!” — wrote
Duff on his page in the social network.

Relationship with child’s father — 31-year-old
musician and composer Matthew Koma — was the actress not just in
currently they are going through for the third “round” of their relationship. For a couple of years
they meet, Hilary and Matthew have broken up twice already. However, after
how last fall they reunited, they have, according to
actress, everything is just fine. “When it all happens extremely
important. I believe that now is our time to be together. The third time certainly
will bring us happiness!” said Duff. Now, as stated by Hilary, she
perfectly happy with Matthew and considers it his main support in life. Curious
the enthusiasm of the actress about her boyfriend fully shares her mom
Susan, who believes that in his face, her daughter has found just the perfect

Baby Hilary and Matthew, which
will be born this year, will be the younger sister of the first child Actresses:
Duff brings up six-year-old son from her ex-husband, hockey player Mike Feed. Feed him lived in wedlock four years, and all they were
together for seven years.

It’s funny that the June 5, Hilary became more and aunt. The sister of actress Hayley Duff, best known for the film “Real girls”? gave birth to a daughter. And, given that Hillary is also waiting for the girl, the little sisters will never be bored with each other.