Hillary Clinton for the first time after losing to Trump spoke at the public

Хиллари Клинтон впервые после проигрыша Трампу выступила на публике

The United States presidential election held over a week ago. the victory was won by the representative of the Republican party, Donald trump. This choice shocked many Americans, representatives of the entertainment industry, as well as the opponent’s trump, Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, November 16, failed the first President is a woman, Hillary attended an event organized by the children’s defense Fund in Washington, where he shared his emotions and feelings about his defeat.

“I confess that coming here today was not easy,’ said Hillary, which is presented to the audience as “people’s President”. — During the past few weeks, I felt the desire to just take a good book and my dogs, hide rug and more never to leave my house.”

Clinton also noted that he did not expect that her beloved country is in more serious condition than she thought, but called to fight for the future “States”: “I know that over the past week many times asked myself: is America to be what we were — continued Clinton. — These elections showed that the country really there is a split, which is rooted very deeply. But listen to me when I say: America is worth fighting for her. Our children deserve our efforts. Continue to believe in our country and fight for our values and do not give up ever.”