Хилари Дафф снимется в продолжении «Лиззи МакГуайр»: ее сын в восторге

Following news that the 31-year-old Hilary Duff will star in the sequel to the teen series “Lizzie McGuire,” her seven year old son started counting the mother of the adhesive.

Хилари Дафф снимется в продолжении «Лиззи МакГуайр»: ее сын в восторге

24 August at the D23 kinokompanii of the company “Walt Disney Studios” actress Hilary Duff has announced plans to withdraw the continuation of the popular early 2000s television series about the lives of ordinary teenage girls “Lizzie McGuire”. A reboot will be part of an upcoming streaming service Disney+. Note, then passed presentation of the second part of “Maleficent”.

It is known that Lizzie the sequel will be 30-year-old woman living in new York. Now she works as an assistant designer meets her dream man. Only now, in her head, she will still live a little animated version of the 13-year-old girls (this was the highlight of the show).

Working on the sequel to his Creator Terri Minsky. It is unknown whether will return to their roles other actors from the original show in 2001. Also was not informed the Studio and the planned release date.

She also Hilary very happy that the series that made her famous, returns once more, and even with her in the lead role. The actress said that was delighted by this news not only she, but her seven year old son Luke (Yes, Yes, Hillary’s had two kids!). With the return of the character Lizzie McGuire actress officially became the coolest mom in the eyes of his son.

He thinks I’m cool now, — commented on the adoption of son news about the sequel Duff.

Хилари Дафф снимется в продолжении «Лиззи МакГуайр»: ее сын в восторге

Also, the actress said that she began to acquaint the son with his work in the series, which came out on the channel “Disney” from 2001 to 2004.

— I recently started talking to him about Lizzie McGuire and show small videos on YouTube,” said Hilary. — I think he’s very fascinated and surprised to see me so young, not like me now, but obviously he knows it’s his mother.

Add now the actress has two children: a seven year old Luke from his first marriage with Mike Comrie and one year old daughter violet banks Bair from musician Matthew Koma, which Hilary got engaged in may 2019.

Speaking with people on kinomomente, Hilary Duff noted that this was the return of the series to enjoy your stay. That is the stage of life in which Lizzie and her dedicated fans are at the moment – the 30th anniversary – there is much that is interesting to the plot.

The conversations continued for several years, and now the time seemed right. Now Lizzie turns 30, she said. — I think this is the right time to return and allow her to come with us to the thirtieth, at all times, in all the great memories and all the difficulties that you encountered.

Recall that the original series was published from 2001 to 2004 and was created by Terri Minsky. It told about an ordinary 13-year-old Lizzie, who wanted to be popular in school. Her bouncy (animated) alter ego represented the true feelings of a teenager. In the series with her always had two best friends, Miranda and Gordo. Media reported that the series stopped because of financial disagreement between the creators and agents of Hilary Duff.

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