Хилари Дафф лишилась всех своих драгоценностей
The house of the actress underwent a daring robbery.

Хилари Дафф лишилась всех своих драгоценностей

As it became known, malefactors managed
to penetrate the 29-year-old star of TV series “Gossip girl” and “Talking with
ghosts” — actress Hilary Duff and
to take jewelry worth several hundred thousand dollars.

The robbers, who broke into the mansion of the actress
located in Beverly hills, apparently acted on a tip. They clearly knew
where to find diamonds and other valuable jewels of the actress. Besides, they
managed to somehow bypass the security system, since no signal
anxiety was not.

“The incident frightened and very
disturbed Hilary and her family, which during the robbery, fortunately, not
it was at home. The actress is glad that none of
servants and her Pets were injured. Currently in place
of the incident the police operate”, — said the official representative of the actress.

Hardly the most offensive thing about this story is,
the thieves, apparently, have learned that no one’s home … from the
Hilary! The fact that she and her loved ones, including a 5-year-old son Luke, is currently on vacation in
Canada. And actress, wanting to please their fans every day spread
with the social network photos about your vacation a lot of pictures with comments. So, everyone, including
the robbers became aware that she and
all members of her family are in another country…

Incidentally, when this robbery Hilary
lost the last remnants of their jewelry. From the first their “portion” she had
to leave last year when the ex-husband of actress — Mike Comrie, the divorce has requested themselves
part of her jewellery collection, explaining that many of them were
purchased it means.