Хилари Болдуин хочет еще детей, несмотря на два выкидыша подряд

Хилари Болдуин хочет еще детей, несмотря на два выкидыша подряд

On Saturday 23 November in new York hosted a gala concert at the Museum of natural history. 61-year-old actor Alec Baldwin and his 35-year-old wife Hilary were invited to the evening. This is the first event, which was attended by the couple after a difficult period in their lives. Despite the tragedy, the celebrity looked very confident and together, Hilary came in a beautiful gold dress that emphasized her perfect figure.

The wife of the famous actor always openly share with the public their emotions and experiences. She tells the fans about your physical and moral condition. At the event she also gave an interview in which has told about the consequences of miscarriage.

The woman admitted that she feels much better and bigger role in all this played her husband, who was always there for you. She argues that any sorrow should be seen as a reality, more to tell and to share with others their experiences. That’s when you’ll Wake up in the morning and not think that this is all a bad dream.

Unfortunately, this miscarriage was the second year for the couple. But they don’t fall into despair. Alec admitted that he had his first child he realized that to stay would be difficult. “Every time they appear, we think, “That’s great. Let’s have another!”” — says the actor.

Hilary I agree with my husband 100% and says it will try very hard to give the spouse at least one child. Now they ended on a bad and heavy note, you need to become positive. Baldwin in the end agreed with his wife and confidently said that another child they have will fail.

Recall that in seven years of marriage, Alec and Hilary already has four children. Also the actor is 24-year-old daughter from his first marriage to Kim Basinger.

Good luck to this lovely couple and sincerely wish to see Hilary with a round tummy in the near future.

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