Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are the parents of the fourth child

Алек и Хилария Болдуин стали родителями четвертого общего ребенка

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have become parents for the fourth time — was born their third son! Reported Hilaria herself on instagram, holding a photo from the hospital where she is posing with her husband and baby.

Алек и Хилария Болдуин стали родителями четвертого общего ребенка

“He’s here! It is beautiful! 3.6 kg”, — said fans of the actor’s wife.

59-year-old actor Alec Baldwin and his wife, 32-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria — are already parents to four children together. 24 Aug 2013 in one of new York clinics, she gave birth to daughter Carmen Gabriela, 17 Jun 2015 — son of Raphael Thomas and on September 12, 2016, was born their son, Leonardo angel Charles Baldwin. In the family of the actor reigns way. “Today, exactly seven years since I met him. And since then, has changed our lives. Five and a half years of marriage, almost four children. We enjoy this time and every moment of it. The secret that helps us grow close to each other, lies in the fact that we put a priority on the time spend alone. Children are a blessing, but they can also cause tension in relationships. And then you need at some point to just stop, reboot and laugh. Yes, we get angry, cry, become frustrated, and it helps to be together. This is not a fairytale, it’s not easy. But it is a reality and it is who we are. Most important — never lose your sense of humor. By the way, Alex just noticed that I’m always right” — shared with fans the secret to a perfect marriage Hilary.

“Birthdays mothers means that children blow out your candles and make a wish for you at this moment. The day was wild, exhausting, but beautiful. And going to bed, I, as always, so overwhelmed! I was very lucky. They can have my candles, my wishes, but I have their love! How things have changed for you birthdays from the moment of birth children? And if you have kids, how are you celebrating? That makes sense to you?” — herself the mother of many children describe life with children.

On the replenishment of the family Hilaria told in December last year on instagram. “Our Baldwinian take another member of the team this spring. I’m going to give them a special cake to tell who’s a boy or a girl. I’ll make it tomorrow afternoon. We’re so excited!” — wrote Hilary pregnant. In the evening Hilary baked a cake, making colored cakes and hiding them under a layer of cream. The top of the cake she decorated with the word “Baby”, lined with pink and blue letters — it means that the couple is expecting a boy. “I so wanted children to cut the cake with us! It was so much fun!” — wrote in Hilaria Instagram by posting a funny photo of the process of eating the cake.