«Изюминка» изысканного образа Мадонны…

«Изюминка» изысканного образа Мадонны…

The Queen of outrageous, exclusive and incomparable pop star Madonna is absolutely
all, so the shortcomings in their appearance not looking!

“The appearance is nonsense, you can modify it in accordance to what and how you want!,-
says the star.
But instead, searching for flaws in the appearance of “superstar” with pleasure
engage others. We think she is too thin, then it is considered too muscular, then
criticize her thick and dark eyebrows! But mostly the singer fall from the gap between the
teeth or as it is called the diastema. This dental feature eyesore
detractors when she appeared on stage. Like how so, how can the artist have
such trouble with your teeth? But the actress only laughed at their statements.

«Изюминка» изысканного образа Мадонны…
And never even thought to contact
doctors, that they realized she eliminate this defect, because it will deprive her of some
features. Knowing the nature of this superstar, we can only imagine how she
responded to in the early 90—ies was published in the edition of one of the gloss its perfect

face retouched with a smile! She was just overwhelmed and so just leave it
of course I couldn’t. She rolled her such a scandal that rattled much everywhere. And when this
the publishing house awarded her the award “person of the year” — she even took. By the way,
the star of your own teeth turned on a stylish accessory your unsurpassed

Thus, a few years ago she decided to handle them with special decorations
sisami and gilzai that special linings and inlaid
precious stones.

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