Иеромонах Фотий восстанавливает сломанную ногу With the winner of “the Voice” befallen trouble. Hieromonk Photios returned to Sochi to normal life after a broken limb. In the seaside resort singer met with Danilo Pluzhnikov, who took first place in the show “the Voice. Children.

      Иеромонах Фотий восстанавливает сломанную ногу

      After winning the show “the Voice” hieromonk Photius leads an active concert activity. In every town of the country singer looking forward to his loyal listeners. So when in June the actor broke his leg, he did not cancel the scheduled performances.

      Armed with crutches, Photios went to Sochi, where an exclusive premiere with the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church. In concerts attended by the artists of the Sochi chamber Philharmonic, the pianist Tatiana Balikoeva and the Quartet. Rachmaninoff. It was truly delightful performance was the brightest event for the seaside resort.

      A trip to Sochi was beneficial for the priesthood and in terms of health. “Sochi is my favorite city. I love the sea. So I just couldn’t refuse such a wonderful offer. At the same time the resort to pass health treatments. It so happened that recently I broke my leg. Need to get treatment. I have bronchitis and there’s sun and sea air, which helps him”, – told the artist in an interview.

      Hieromonk Photios was in the hospital

      Interestingly, in the seaside resort of Photius met with the winner of the show “the Voice. Children” Danil Pluzhnikov. The artists made a General photo for Instagram.

      “All providential. Father Photios, You said that Daniel is very close and understandable. Here the Lord gave me the opportunity to meet this wonderful child and socialize. This, of course, not accidental, and another the miracle of God. Obviously, it is Your word you need to hear this boy, ” wrote in the comments one of the fans of Photius. I think You will win him over. For the Lord Himself blesses.

      We will remind, the young talent lives in Sochi. After Pluzhnikov won in a music competition, he was given his own apartment in the city.

      The winner of the show “the Voice. Children of Daniel Pluzhnikov became the owner of the apartment

      “Now I live in a one bedroom apartment in Adler, and conditions have to be very good. Housing damp, which is bad for the health of the Tribute. A new apartment in the Central district of Sochi. High-rise building still under construction, say they will surrender in December. Our apartment is on the third floor,” said the mother of Danila Irina Vladimirovna.

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