Hidden secrets of “Birches”

Сокровенные тайны «Березки» My applause to all talents and admirers of the unique Russian ensemble.
Сокровенные тайны «Березки»

The series “birch”, shown recently on TV channel “Russia 1” has caused an unprecedented interest of the audience. The chronicle of the legendary dance group, which applauded on all continents, and among the fans was Indira Gandhi, Mao Zedong and even the U.S. President John F. Kennedy, is really impressive.

In the program “live” we remembered the most incredible episodes of this chronicle, discussed how chasing a runaway success broke human destinies. History soloist Tatiana Latynina told me her husband Rostislav Ordovsky, it is very revealing.

Сокровенные тайны «Березки»

I know that you met your wife during a tour of the “Birches” in Venezuela. The same chemical reaction from which, they say, and love is born, originated from?

– Not at all. I lived with my parents in Caracas, and, like almost all of the youth of Russian abroad, was fascinated by our folk dances. A soloist of “Birches” Leonid Shikalov faster then all went squatting. I was very interested, and I decided to meet him. Went after a concert backstage and invited friends for dinner. It was practiced in the Russian colony. We knew that artists from the Soviet Union paid a pittance. Therefore, always tried to help, to arrange a hospitable reception. Leonid came and Tanya – beautiful, young, she, like me, was 18.

Сокровенные тайны «Березки»

– You knew she was the daughter of a famous gymnast?

– Yes, her mother, Larisa Latynina, the collection of which an incredible number of Olympic medals, I have always admired. With the guys from “Birches” we then had a lovely evening, but nothing happened. Tanya was the groom I – the Spanish girl Olicia. And here comes 1984, calling me a Soviet trade representative in Venezuela and invites (I was doing photography) at the Festival of Asia, Africa and Latin America. So I arrived in Moscow, where Tanya decided to make a reciprocal gesture invited me to his home. We had dinner, talked, and suddenly someone decided to take a picture of us together. At this moment our eyes met, and something happened…

After a while I came to Moscow and met with Tatiana. One, two, three… Very seriously began to take care of it. One evening in the “Space” where I left off, we suddenly quarreled, and Tanya decided to leave. And at the exit of the hotel it is stopped by the KGB and sent to the basement (at any hotel was then these basements). She called me after two hours and said: “Rostik, this is the end. You don’t understand, but…” I’m going down trying to explain to these people, saying: “This is my fiancée, don’t worry, all right.” But they replied that honest Soviet girl should not be in the hotel for foreigners, especially to meet them. Before leaving, I promised Tanya to come back and added that we will definitely sign for it. But the next day at work was waiting for her a piece of paper, painted a detailed “immoral behavior” soloist of the ensemble.

Tanya in the presence of colleagues “worked” (as it was then called): exposed to God knows what, called a criminal, a disgrace to the team, and she became blacklisted. Only in 1989, when perestroika began and I already had in Russia some contacts, we managed to lift this ban. In July 1989, Berezka was going on tour. Until the last moment Tanya Latynina was not in the list. And when she entered the plane, the whole ensemble stood up and applauded. I had a blast! Three months later we were married…