Here’s the jubilee! Clooney received the gift of a lawn mower

Вот это юбилей! Клуни получил в подарок газонокосилку

The wife of the famous ladies ‘ man has decided to save the gift for the celebrant.

Who said that to surprise the man who has everything, is almost impossible? Amal Alamuddin, for example, managed it with glitter!

Your 55-year anniversary of the famous George Clooney will clearly remember for a long time. And it’s not lush celebrations in honor of the birthday boy and even not in the figure, which many try not to remember, but the surprise made her husband the beautiful Amal.

As told the Hollywood actor to one Western publication, may 6, he just did that “cried and drank”. It was thus decided to mark the onset of a solid date heartthrob George. Of course, the well-known humorous manner Clooney to answer tricky questions, but this time he almost did not embellish.

He did not forget to mention the gift, who presented him with a loving spouse. Amal, as a wise woman, decided to bet on practicality (not on exclusivity!) and presented the birthday quite a modern gadget, namely a lawn mower. And note that she made the right decision!

“Near our house in England has a beautiful lawn and I, by the way, just loved to mow lawns in childhood. Amal, of course, knows this and has specifically chosen for me giganskoe the deck so in my spare time I could work at my hobby” – with enthusiasm told George.

By the way, former eligible bachelor is now at the Cannes film festival, where handing out right and left interview with her friend and partner on the film “a Financial monster” with Julia Roberts.

Julia, by the way, fully supports the wife of famous actor and confirmed that the marriage with Amal went in his favor. “When I’m home for George and Amal, it is noted how strongly it affects married life. And it’s great when such a beautiful wife my love can influence her husband,” said the star of the movie “Pretty woman.”

But the recent jubilee only smiled enigmatically, but his happy look clearly says that the couple in the relationship there is complete harmony.

Recall that during the second day of the Cannes film festival George Clooney walked the red carpet with your two favorite women on screen and in life, Julie and Amal, overshadowing all present (read more HERE).

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