Here the story ends: the biggest divorces of the year that are hard to believe

Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить “StarHit” remembered the details of the discussed separation. For a long time they gave the impression of absolutely happy people having a good time. However, each of these unions is not just broke, but provoked a lot of scandals.

      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      This year has brought many surprises to those who follow the life of your favorite stars. The news about the breakup of a seemingly strong and happy family, then another, poured as from a cornucopia. The tale, which with great pleasure followed by millions of fans, were falling apart. Happiness, which has recently radiated star wife suddenly paled, and often turned into a torrent of insults, accusations and allegations. And they, in turn, became the source of new scandals. Why split up the seemingly unshakable marriage? “StarHit” gathered those whose separation is hard to believe, and whose conflicts discussed so far.


      That family “Tarabrikov” not all right, fans of the star couple was noticed in the early fall: celebrities no longer spread in the social network pictures together, did a touching confession of love, the weekend was carried out separately. Especially followers were surprised that Olga appeared at the bedside of a wife in the hospital when he was recovering from an operation, sooner in such situations she did not leave him a single step.

      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      In response, Olga posted a photo in a wedding dress and signed: “one day the Angels get… From someone else’s lies, betrayal and pain. From the promises of those that you give, keep that you have not enough will.”

      Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      Fans decided that the cause of the break 30-year-old presenter and 29-year-old footballer was his affair. Later there were rumors that the reason the money question, since the player designed house for his mother, and not beloved spouse. Later came a report that he didn’t want children. But the couple chose to remain silent and did not comment.

      However, to calm it is not lead – on the contrary, began a series of scandals: the hackers revealed the correspondence of Olga with her husband, mom, Dmitry Nagiyev. At this time Tarasov got rid of the tattoo on the wrist, which was made in January 2014 in sign of love to Olga. And he decided to be the first to comment on the incident. The athlete said that shocked and doubt that will ever be able to trust people.

      Grandma Olga Buzova confirmed that Tarasov was asked to think about a beloved addition to the family.

      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить“Olga wanted to have a career. I was advised to stop, build a house, have a baby, and then continue to go up the career ladder. But she was not ready for children.”

      Now Olga changed his image and is actively working, trying to occupy every minute, as if confirming his words on Instagram: “And even if you want to howl, you bite the bullet, smiling proudly… Say, lived, live and will live. I’m happy, and I have no doubt!”.

      At the end of November in the Meshchansky registry office the application was filed for divorce. 30 Dec Buzova and Tarasov will officially become a free people.

      Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev

      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      In November it became known about the disorder in the family eks-participants “Houses-2” member of Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev. On the page in social networks the young woman admitted that she is preparing to divorce with her husband. Fans of the couple were perplexed, because the Union of Eugene and Anton seemed perfect. A few days later came a new scandal – it turned out that after breaking up with the mother of his child Gusev found solace in the arms of Victoria romanet. Many believed that the relationship of lovers began in the period when the family of Anton and Eugenia everything was in order. This information was confirmed and the environment of the stars of the reality show.

      “At a party last summer between Anton and Vick broke out passion, – told the “StarHit” showman Rustam Solntsev. They looked at each other, winked… then began to phone, write each other text messages. After some time Jack found out about their relationship, scandal, demanded that Anton stop to chat with Vika. But he was already in love. Then she filed for divorce…”

      According to Solntseva, romanet for more than a month living together with Anton in the house, which he bought in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Anton Gusev has decided to stop the dissemination of false information and openly talked about all the “StarHit”.

      “Explicit reasons for our divorce is not. We haven’t had understanding in the family. Our relationship has simply run its course – we started in different ways to look at life, began to set other priorities. We talked at the end of October, but realized that we do not return. We were family for each other people, but just not together.”
      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      First old lovers promised each other as much as possible to discuss the topic of their divorce in the press. Anton doesn’t want their young son suffered from separation of the parents.

      “Daniel doesn’t know everything. I hope Jack tells him that I’m at work – says Gusev. We often see son, I come pick him up. For the New year want to come in costume of Santa Claus”. As for the relationship with Victoria romanet, they are not hiding nor the new darling of Gusev or he.

      Anton Gusev wife: “Jack, why do you deprive my son?”

      Eugene Feofilaktova now trying to start a new life. She began to spend more time on the people, to agree to photo shoots, to accept gifts from suitors. And, apparently, the young mother does not suffer from lack of attention. In his microblog she showed huge bouquets of roses, which is literally littered her home, but she never reveals who she spoils.


      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      This pair was one of the most beautiful and resilient in the domestic show-business. However, in March this year, Director and TV presenter has made an official statement about the divorce. After 25 years of marriage. Quietly, without scandals, the couple announced their separation, but to remain friends: “With love and gratitude to each other, lived together for years, still staying close, maintaining mutual respect and love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce. The time we spent together was wonderful, but today we parted ways – this fact does not have any conflicts, grievances, or conflicts. We are no longer a couple but remain friends.”

      While fans of the couple were perplexed, and later confirmed the information about a new novel by a famous Director. 48-year-old Fedora in a relationship with 27-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva. In June, the fact was confirmed at the festival “Kinotavr” Director and actress emerged holding hands. They wanted to get married in the spring, immediately after the divorce the men, but he was so loud and discuss what the couple decided a wedding to wait.

      Svetlana Bondarchuk was showered with sympathetic comments. However, she hastened to clarify and to defend a loved one.

      “Many people write in a genuine attempt to support me, what Fedor bad. Wet Bondarchuk. And this is why I need? I even wanted to write that friends, I am very grateful for the support, but wait, we live on. And then decided that one statement is enough… He is not the man who throws. Very decent. I would like to hope that even if tomorrow it all changes drastically – he’s getting married or something, I for he will remain an important part of life,” admitted Svetlana in the interview.

      After the statement of Svetlana and Fyodor divorce it’s been 9 months. But the discussions on this subject never cease. Meanwhile, Bondarchuk and his fiancee managed to set a wedding date, but keep it secret to triumph again, not broke. Svetlana regularly makes it clear that she’s not alone out there, posting in the microblogging pictures, which she captured in the company of men.

      “I know what exactly I don’t want to be alone. I like it when with a woman and handsome young man. Nature is so constituted that woman reveals at a more Mature age, and at this point, the same age or someone older has come to nothing ready. Or ready last effort,” says Bondarchuk.


      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      This is perhaps one of the most unpredictable of divorce. Sex symbols of Hollywood, 11 years of marriage, six children… “Irreconcilable differences” as the official reason for the divorce. However, what lies behind this wording? About that crashed their family boat the “Brangelina”? These issues are discussed by fans of couples worldwide till now.

      Almost immediately a statement about the divorce there were reports on the initiation by the police against the brad pitt of cases of ill-treatment of children. Conflict with pitt’s eldest son, 15-year-old Maddox, allegedly happened on the plane in front of the mother. Angelina claimed that the divorce caused and the threat posed by brad is for children. The actress accused her husband of failing to control anger and alcohol abuse.

      “Angie don’t like his methods of raising children, the sources said, and the example that brad delivers them”. Jolie had intended to seek full custody of the children, leaving the husband only “right to visit”. This has been an actress, who is not asking for any financial compensation or alimony.

      Pitt appointed the examination for alcohol and drugs, and were forbidden to see the children. Just note that the test result was negative. But the actor still refused to comment on, because I didn’t want to later children had to read about parents unpleasant things. Friend pitt, who did not give his name, said one of the respected publications that scared as his friend.

      “I’ve never seen brad like this. He is depressed, confused, mentally exhausted and incredibly frightened. He told me what he fears most. Brad is afraid to lose her children because of what he did, due to the fact that it is trying to put a bad father. No, so to call it just cannot be”.

      In mid-October, with pitt dropped the charges in the use of alcohol, drugs and ill-treatment of children. And in November, the stars have reached an agreement regarding the custody of the heirs. By order of the court, all six will live with the mother and the father will come.


      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      Despite periodically appearing in Network provocations, this pair of was impressed by the loving and strong. Two children — 7-year-old Mika-Angela-Krista and 6-year-old Eva-Vlad – only strengthened these feelings. However, in October the figure skater demanded a divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences with her husband and different views on raising children.

      “From what Marina told me about her husband, my hair stood on end. I wonder what Marina has not filed for divorce a year ago, because even then, the behavior of Nikita Borisovich raised questions,” said “StarHit” the lawyer Marina Anisina those, Sergei Zhorin.

      Later, Nikita Dzhigurda said that he himself is not averse to break off relations with Anisina those. According to the artist, they with Marina have long been close as a man and a woman, and he is thinking about marriage with another lady, American woman, Lilith. As it turned out, the story of the so-called darling of the flamboyant artist was invented.

      Every day the hype around divorce 41-year-old Olympic champion and the 55-year-old showman was gaining momentum: the chair was trying to fight with a lawyer wife, accused him of astral intimacy with Anisina those, posted the video, which compromises the skater accused her of alcoholism…

      At the end of November in the divorce proceedings finally come to an end. After that Marina Anisina broke the silence and told the truth. According to her, she lived in constant fear and repeatedly abused. Hobbies former spouse brought a Marina in horror. But the woman suffered, because they believed that everything could still change. That’s why she took the documents, when winter the first time I filed for divorce.

      “I felt sorry for him. I was not ready. He told me that I never will love like him”. Said the skater about the scandalous video of her birth. She did not know about plans of the husband to put it on the Network, the showman just put the wife before the fact. Despite this, later Anisina tried to protect the person he loved before loved ones. “Mom said I was crazy. I was blind..” – said the skater. Despite all the fears and threats, she genuinely wishes her ex-lover for good.

      “I’d really like to take myself in hand and found myself. Not to be found under a bridge in new York or in a Motel somewhere. I sincerely wish him to take his head, because there is no negative to it I do not. To take revenge on him never going. We share children, I’m grateful for them. But I think he needs a good think,” admitted Marina.


      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      The singer and the footballer decided to divorce after 11 years of marriage. According to the periodic messages in the microblog Tatiana, this step was not as easy as it may seem. However, messages that indicate the spat as quickly disappeared as it appeared. Then the conflict managed to be resolved safely, thought fans. Particularly pleased with the photo with a romantic dinner in honor of the 11th anniversary of the day of the wedding. However, a couple of weeks ago on Instagram Bulanova’s post in which he thanked wife for the past years.

      “Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not very, but I am grateful for meeting with you. And know that you are still like family to me and always can count on my help and support in everything!”

      Followers wondered: “did they break up?” A few days later, the singer confirmed the information, but asked not to ask her questions on this subject – you need time to survive this trauma.

      A few days later in the Studio of the television program “live” about the relationship with the player Radimov has told fitness coach Irina Yakovleva. With her footballer cheated on his wife for seven years. However, it does not consider itself a cause of divorce. According to mistress of the athlete, at that time, they have not the extent of your relationship. “We haven’t spoken this year, I never called, never wrote to him. Adhere to the rule that if a person made a decision, I will let him go,” explained the woman.

      Now Tatiana Bulanova worries 9-year-old heir, Nikita, whom the news of the divorce report is not in a hurry. “Most worried about the youngest son. I understand that it is all somehow relate to. Deleted the post about the divorce on her page in the nets, to avoid any negative reviews so that my son didn’t read it. Wrote it and realized that was stupid. While we didn’t discuss… the Shore of his feelings. It’s a shame when families are crumbling, but it so happens that it is better to leave than to torment each other. We lost harmony, which was…” – said Tatiana Bulanova reporters. The singer also explained why he decided not to save the marriage for the family. In recognition Bulanova, it sickens insincerity in relations with close people. Despite the fact that Radimov is a wonderful father, a former harmony will not return.

      Alena Apina and Alexander Iratov

      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      In October, the press reported that the marriage of Alena’s Epinoy collapsed. The singer for more than 20 years was married to producer Alexander Iratov. Together they passed the fire, water and copper pipes. So the news of divorce came up for fans of Epinoy like thunder from a clear sky.

      “I don’t want to give reviews because I’m afraid that it will affect the child,” said Apina “StarHit”. A few days later in a microblog of Alain explained his decision.

      “Yes, I’m filing for divorce. This period of my life ends. It was very large and for many of you is very beautiful. But life is much wiser than many of us. We with Alexander there are no rival in love, and there is no great global causes for this step. It’s just time. Thank you all for your participation and excitement. And try less to discuss it. Today the most important thing is not to bring the problems of our daughter. Everything else is not modify. Yes, and life does not end there.”

      Fans of the singer all-taki are inclined to believe about the infidelity of her husband. Friend Epinoy Natalia Shturm in the air on a direct question answered evasively: “I don’t know. I do not exclude that the producer had something to seek, to find, to lose. They have for a career is the amount of temptations and so many women who want to have something… It may not be in the nature of infidelity, it may be in the nature of the process.”


      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      This pair has become one of the most talked about before the marriage. Depp, having lived 14 years in a civil marriage with French actress Vanessa Paradis, left her and two children for a younger actress amber heard. Note that at the moment of meeting with Depp, she was in a relationship with a girl. But neither this fact nor the 22-year-old age difference of actors is not confused, and in February 2015 the lovers entered into a formal marriage. To live Yes to rejoice.

      However, a year later there were rumors of quarrels, and in may the couple stopped living together and filed for divorce. This event has become one of the biggest scandals of the year. The causes of the disorder called bad habits Depp – he loves alcohol and cannot stop in time, and another female actress Miu Wasikowski, partner Depp film “Alice in Wonderland”, whose undisguised adoration, according to amber, the actor too was favorably received. And even strained relations with amber Depp’s mother Betty sue.

      “Betty said that amber drives a wedge between johnny and his family to have over them absolute power, – say friends of the family. – It seemed to her that the wife treats her son like garbage, because she married him only for money and advance your career”.

      But the war, which has turned the divorce of Depp and heard, as is known, all means are good. Then the flames and poured amber, accusing johnny of domestic violence and showed pictures with bruises on her face. However, the version of beatings every day seemed less plausible. The police found no evidence that johnny was beaten wife. Besides, the actor was initially supported by his former civil wife Vanessa Paradis, noting that johnny was not able to do so, and heard that this marriage was necessary for self-praise, and then a daughter, Lily-rose. A few months amber has provided new evidence – video, which allegedly Depp drinking wine, smashes the phone, then heard the sounds of a struggle. The authenticity of the video had doubts…

      Only in mid-August, the couple managed to negotiate. Johnny Depp has agreed to pay his ex-wife seven million dollars. She also said that it intends to give them to charity.

      “Our relationship was incredibly passionate and occasionally volatile but always based on love” – said the couple and added that they did not make false accusations against each other for financial gain.

      It would seem that the point set. But no, in late November, amber heard once again forced to think about yourself. The actress took part in a social project GirlGaze, which assists victims of domestic violence. And although she didn’t name names, everyone knew, in whose garden she throws the stone.

      Julia Nachalova and Alexander Frolov

      Вот и сказке конец: самые громкие разводы года, в которые трудно поверить

      In mid-October, singer Julia Nachalova told fans that after four years of living together I broke up with her civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov. “Life is beautiful and amazing and everything that God does – all the better,” said Nachalova.

      Later, the singer frankly told “StarHit” on the causes of family breakdown.

      “Some misunderstanding, estrangement, we had a few months ago, So Sasha is in favour of the hockey club from Nizhny Novgorod, then mid-summer he left for camp and their time spent there. As a long-distance relationship is not an easy thing. Although I always went to him… But at some point we stopped calling each other, although I was on the phone regularly, exchanging news, was interested in the cases, moods, plans. And communication almost stopped. I was expecting him to call, some reaction, a step forward, hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything. But I guess our feelings just faded. And I decided that I need closure and just move on,” admitted the singer.

      A few days later after a breakup with her lover, Nachalova posted in “Instagram” photos in style vamp. This it is expected the least, because Julia was hard to see even in a swimsuit. And here is a black body shirt also, high boots, bright makeup – overt sexuality. According to relatives of the actress, the decision to break it is not going to change. “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow! My job is to be happy today!” – Julia wrote in the microblog.

      Yulia Nachalova get rid of the memories of ex-husband


      Rumors that the family of the singer Zara and her husband, businessman Sergey Ivanov, all is not well discussed on the Internet long before the official confirmation of the breakup. The couple had not appeared together at social events, in the microblog star had a photo in which she is depicted alone or in the company of his sons, 4-year-old Maxim and 6-year-old Daniel. To comment on the personal life of the singer flatly refused, and only in the summer admitted that broke up with her husband.

      Singer Zara about a second marriage: “We have failed”

      “It was a very difficult decision for both of us, but it had to be taken. I want to emphasize – it was a joint decision… a Few years we tried to repair our relationship — I didn’t want to hurt the children. Attempts were unsuccessful and I guess we’re both to blame. In the end, we became strangers to each other, and this, unfortunately, felt our children,” admitted Zara.

      Three months later, a little calmer, Zara revealed the true cause of the divorce. “The easiest way now would be to shift the responsibility to the former spouse. But I tend to look for the cause in itself. Probably, the main problem is that I am by nature a perfectionist. I want to have a perfect family. As it turned out, we with Sergey too has different ideas about the ideal,” said the artist.

      And even after a few months, at the end of October, becoming the guest of the program “Alone with all”, Zara barely holding back tears, talking about family life. They are with Sergei tried to save the marriage, but could not. “We can’t handle. It happens. At first I was very worried, but then I realized that I have such a beautiful family, these boys and my whole world in them,” explained Zahra. The singer admits that after the divorce, their relationship became better than it was in marriage. They communicate, lead sons on partition. And sometimes the artist can even complain to the ex-spouse.