Here it is the genes! 17-year-old daughter of Vera Brezhnev showed perfect figure

Вот это гены! 17-летняя дочь Веры Брежневой продемонстрировала идеальную фигуру
Sonia Kiperman shared seductive beach photos.

Sonia Kiperman

Photo: Instagram

The eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman, which (hard
imagine!) for 17 years, resting with friends in the Caribbean: they chose
exotic island of St Lucia. The girl shared beach photos
which shows a perfect — like her mother, figure. On vacation
Sonya chose a white two-piece bikini that accentuates her shape.

“Like the mother in this photo is incredible! Directly
and suggests: I know the password, I can see the point. Very beautiful girl,” said
subscribers in the comments, adding that the models Victoria’s Secret can only
envy natural beauty Sonia Kiperman and if she doesn’t decide to start
a singing career in the modeling business she opened all the doors.

“One of my rules in the upbringing of children — to give
the right of choice, — says Vera Brezhnev in an interview Sonia soon
to go to University, but I don’t mess with her “wishes” when choosing
profession not insist on their vision of its future – the children should go their
by. She has a choice, and I always explain that this is more complicated that
lighter, which will give the result she wants, and what will not. And daughter
the last time she will make the right decisions. But I’m always there to
to support her, and sometimes help in the selection. Now Sonia learns in a different
the country. But we always connected. Just recently, at 11 PM called me, and I
just got home from work late, tired. And asks: “is There time
to talk?”. You know — it’s urgent. Talked for forty minutes and allowed all
without much emotion: it’s very important. Also of importance, at what age
the mother brings the child. In 19 years, it happens according to the same canons, in the 27
quite different. Now I am 36 years old, and if I have another baby, I
going to raise him differently. You get older, become wiser, more aware, and
child wants even more than before! While children are young, they you
need, and when they get older, they need you”.