Вот и сказочке конец: Кира Пластинина довела фирму отца до банкротства
The debts of the company “Kira Plastinina Style” exceeded half a billion rubles.

Вот и сказочке конец: Кира Пластинина довела фирму отца до банкротства

Kira Plastinina

A beautiful story about the youngest designer in the world,
began in 2007 seem to have come to an end. As it became known,
a company created by Sergey Plastinina for teenage daughter close
to bankruptcy. This was stated by the CEO of the company “Kira Plastinina
style” Igor Mukhachev. “Bankruptcy is now our only option, we
inundated with lawsuits, all of our accounts are arrested, the total debt — about 500 million rubles,” — quoted him Kommersanty

The idea is to give her daughter your own fashion brand called for
billionaire, by his own admission, after he saw her baby
drawings. Kira then for fun created a collection of dresses for dolls, and generous
Plastinin decided to invest in this idea. In the same interview, the current CEO
says that first it was about “modest” 100 million dollars, which was
spent on advertising and production.

Kira and Paris Hilton

Father tried to make talented daughter star. On the head of Kira fell to unprecedented glory: interviews, fashion shows, photo shoots. She quickly became friends with the then fashionable stars: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie. They all came to Moscow and admired, of course, for a fee, talent Kira. In fairness, the family never hid: Kira was a large number of advisers that helped the young designer’s professional advice. However, this is not helped Plastinina “stay afloat”.

Flows contributed by Sergei did not know the money end, but the profit somehow, all was not… Mukhachev is recognized that the amount spent on the promotion of the brand Plastinina, at some point reached the level of five billion rubles! But the case did not help. After 10 years, the company was deep in debt and ready to declare bankruptcy.

How it all itself 24-year-old Kira? Yes way. The girl grew up long ago. She lives in America, graduated from business school and I think I’ve got other Hobbies. Anyway, pictures of the outfits from her microblog disappeared. Toys and puppet sketches dresses has long been removed to the attic. And there, apparently, go daddy’s dream of a lucrative business.

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