Вся в маму: дочь Мадонны смущает прохожих на улице

As they say, the Apple from the tree: the photographers caught 19-year-old Lourdes on the streets of London in a daring outfit.

What do you want from a child singer, which is equal parts shocking, generously involved in the sex? Madonna’s daughter grew up and became more like his famous mom. For example, she sees nothing strange in the fact to appear in public… not exactly dressed. In this form it caught on the streets of London, the ubiquitous paparazzi.

In fact, she went out on the street with friends is quite decent: she was wearing jeans and a hoodie. But, obviously, she became hot, and the girl hurried to remove the top part of the outfit and remained in the top, which clearly wasn’t underwear. However, judging by the expression on the girl’s face, it is absolutely not embarrassed. But, according to caught on camera the faces of passers-by, somewhat confused by them.

This is not the first controversial actions of Lourdes. Recently, for example, she posted in Instagram photo, which appeared in the form of a nun. With her open neckline, and in teeth – a cigarette.

By the way, Madonna fans are more likely to mention that the daughter deliberately imitate famous mother. For example, in 15 years, she tried to repeat her famous haircut with shaved temples, which in the 80s made a lot of noise.

Recall that Lourdes is the firstborn of the singer. Madonna gave birth to her in October 1996 from the actor and fitness trainer Carlos Leon. Recently she began a career as a model and starred for advertising the flavor Pop from Stella McCartney. Needless to say, that here was not without shocking: a girl’s hair is painted in a light purple color. In General, a worthy replacement has grown.

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