Her disease was brought Irina Khakamada to tears

Болезнь дочери довела Ирину Хакамаду до слез A politician dared to candid interviews with journalists. Irina Khakamada told about how reacted to the diagnosis heiress Mary Sirotino, which has more than 10 years ago diagnosed with cancer, as well as harassment of an influential official, and partnership with her husband.
Болезнь дочери довела Ирину Хакамаду до слез

Politician and writer Irina Hakamada gave an interview to the editor of the project Yuri Dude “wdud” Tatiana Mingalimova. Video duration 50 minutes appeared on the YouTube channel “Gentle editor”. During the conversation with the journalist Hakamada shared his wisdom and told a few cautionary tales.

Now Irina Hakamada is in a relationship with a financial Advisor Vladimir Sirotinskiy. He became the fourth husband of the star policy. The couple have been together for more than twenty years.

“The man always starts to walk first. With regard to the latter husband, I realized – there is polygamy mother. Thought, well, how can again to divorce for the fourth time? It is very difficult to find a man who is on my wave, so I decided to find a compromise. We have a partnership marriage: it’s free, and I also. But we exist together because we are on a high. It is not the status of lovers, and my little love. We agreed, without fraud,” said the woman.

Answering the question about when she last cried, Irina Khakamada remembered about the illness of his daughter Maria. In 2004, the girl was diagnosed with cancer. Mary managed to overcome a serious illness.

Irina Khakamada told about cancer “special” daughter

“I’m not crying. The last time I cried when a child was sick with cancer. (…) But then she recovered, we pulled it,” – said Khakamada.
Болезнь дочери довела Ирину Хакамаду до слез

On reflection, Irina mutsuovna remembered about the incident, which occurred during her stay abroad. The woman then stayed in the house with her daughter, and her husband left for a week. Suddenly at Khakamada the power went out, and she was without Internet in pitch darkness.

“I call my husband, and he begins to speak: “Read the instructions and go in there. Don’t know what to do, I talks”. And the man passed out. I was overcome with despair, the tears began to pour hail. I’m in a foreign country, no one can reach you, can’t go to the beach, because the gates don’t work. I was locked in this state. Felt stupid children’s despair,” – says the politician.

After some time at Khakamada managed to cope with the emotions. Irina mutsuovna called friends on regular phone, they helped her to call a specialist. With the help of friends from policy managed to restore electricity.

We are talking about harassment, which the star had to face. Irina Khakamada told about how rejected influential official. Then she was just starting his career, so was afraid to refuse.

“That was the coolest official from the Executive authorities. I flew the whirlwind thought: “how cool I am”. Then I realized that it was disgusting, and I can’t spawn enemies, as I was just beginning a career in politics. That’s why I said it’s my period, so everything will be in a week. Then I recalled a business trip, and so I dinamia six months. I quarreled with the man, and silently negated this topic,” – said Khakamada.