«Спасите, нас заперли»: последние слова погибших при пожаре в Кемерово People are unable to leave the burning shopping center. Many have lost the fire in Kemerovo almost the whole family. Relatives in one voice insists that children and their families could have been saved.
«Спасите, нас заперли»: последние слова погибших при пожаре в Кемерово

Yesterday in Kemerovo there was a big fire. In the shopping center “Winter cherry” the fire started in the play area. Gradually the smoke filled most of the 3-rd and 4-th floors. The people who were in cinema halls, are unable to get out. According to recent reports, 64 people have died, dozens are still missing.

“Tell mom I loved her”

In one of the cinemas were the pupils of 5th class who came to Kemerovo from the village treshevsky. They celebrated holidays and watched the cartoon “Peter Rabbit”. Parents didn’t go to the cinema. Children smoke inhalation.

“From our class in Kemerovo went seven people – six girls and one boy. But the boy – semen racin – left before the start of the cartoon. So locked in the cinema was the only girl of 5 th “A”, – said a classmate of the guys Valeria Saruta.

Vic Pechenkina managed to call loved ones before death. “Tell mom that I loved her,” said the girl’s aunt.

Veronica Ponushkov was friends with Vika, on the pages of girls in social networks share many common frames. “Veronica is a good student. She studied singing, dancing. Was always cheerful, helpful,” recalls Saruta.

5-m “And” studied a total of 12 people, and six of them are no longer alive. Vilena Chernikova, Tatyana Kurczewska, Anastasia Smirnova, Victoria Shipunova listed in the list of the dead. Homeroom teacher survived, because it was not in the cinema. “Our teacher’s name is Evseeva Oksana Nikolaevna. She is very kind and sympathetic person. The whole class loves her very much, she is always satisfied with our event. It is biology, chemistry, geography. Oksana taught my mom…” – said Valery.

“They could have been saved”

«Спасите, нас заперли»: последние слова погибших при пожаре в Кемерово

The businessman Igor Vostrikov in a fire killed three children: seven-year-old Anna, five-year Artem and a two-year affair. Also the fire burned his wife Helen and sister Alena. In social networks, distributed video, where the man gives interviews to local journalists.

“Lena called out, shouted: “help, help, we’re locked in!” They could not open the door. My mom went in there once, three minutes later, climbed to the 4th floor. Begged someone to open the damn cinema. But nobody came to help. They could have been saved. In one of the three cinema halls doors were open, everything is saved”, – says Igor.

Vostrikov could not believe what happened. He is still talking about family in this time.

“My wife is a housewife. Brings up three children. The eldest, Anna, is finishing 1st grade. She’s clever, she’s got everything easy. Very beautiful girl, kind, energetic, dancing walks. Average goes to Kyokushin karate in kindergarten, and the younger only two, recently went to kindergarten. And sister Alyona – two degrees at age 23, the clever and beautiful life has just begun”, – said the businessman.

«Спасите, нас заперли»: последние слова погибших при пожаре в Кемерово

Night visit Vostrikova in social networks there was an angry post, addressed to the authorities. It begins with the words: “My family is no more.” People Express condolences in the comments of a post.

“We can’t get out…”

«Спасите, нас заперли»: последние слова погибших при пожаре в Кемерово

Alexander Ananiev, Olga lillevali lost in the fire three daughters: 11-year-old Maya and Xenia, 5-year-old Valeria. They went to watch a movie in hall 2. At this time, the father decided to stroll through the Mall. At 16.00 Ananiev went towards the audience and felt the smell of burning.

“Dad, I think we have here the fire. We can’t get out…” – on the phone shouted he called daughter.

He ran upstairs to get to the hall “I say to them: “I Have children”. And they answer me: “we Know not yet evacuated everyone.” Those who have met me, just stood near the emergency exit. Perhaps their task was to see that nobody rushed to the cinema. But they didn’t stop. Someone handed me a dampened cloth, I put it to her mouth and rushed to the hall. The corridor was spreading black smoke, and 20 meters away I started to choke,” said the man.

He decided to crawl to the cinema corridor, but moved only 20 meters. Faced with the fire, he told them that in a hall there are children.

Survivors from the fire in Kemerovo frankly told about the tragedy

“But they are still about two minutes wore self-rescuers. I have these 120 seconds seemed like eternity. While we were up on the 4th floor, the way was stopped by a man. He started screaming that all ran after him, saying, he knows where the source of fire. And fire followed his lead. I shouted after them that the other way had children that they would suffocate from the fumes. But I have not heard… again, I ran downstairs for help. Met another detachment. I asked him to give me the device so I can pull my daughters out of the room. But I was told that it is an individual system, to pass it on to someone,” shared Alexander.

“She died a hero”

Tatyana Darsalia taught German and English at gymnasium №17 of the city of Kemerovo. She was at the Mall with 14-year-old daughter. When the fire started, she sent the child outside and she ran to the theaters. “When I heard that upstairs in the cinema, there were children, the teacher came back to help get them from the upper floors. There and gone,” said one of the witnesses.

«Спасите, нас заперли»: последние слова погибших при пожаре в Кемерово

On the page in social network Tatiana post appeared, written by her daughter.

“I am Eleanor of Darsalia, daughter Tatiana. Answer everyone who supports us in sorrow. Sorry, if you do not answer all. We will love and remember always, it was and still is the best of the best. I still can’t believe it happened to her, but I am proud that this is my mother. She died as a hero, behind the children, and could not do otherwise. She will always remain in our hearts”, – said in the recording.