«Адская боль»: Павел Артемьев вскипел из-за ошибки Сергея Майорова
The mother of the artist is preparing to sue the host of NTV.

Pavel Artemyev

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “One day…

Pavel Artemyev shared on personal page in social networks unpleasant experiences from cooperation with NTV. The actor has agreed to shoot in the “One day…” and was extremely disappointed with the result. The ex-soloist of group “Roots” admitted that what he saw on television the issue hurt him. What angered Artemyev on the show?

“I really don’t want to be angry. But probably necessary. Six months ago I wrote of a program Once (it is the transfer of what used to be called the History in detail, and in the “stories” I’ve already played 10 years ago), saying how interesting album you’ve Pasha came, want to do a story about you. On the program I was restrained and sweet memories, “Once” does the same team, headed by Sergey Mayorov. The film crew followed me for very long, detail filmed concerts, performances and so what I live in now. In the air you got the smallest tails of these shots. Starts this story off by saying I live with my grandmother — said Artemyev. — I have all my grandmother is already dead! These “craftsmen” half of the story just cut out of old programs, and voice-over inspired with a haughty tone says all sorts of ***Nude and lies. Apparently this mess is gray matter. I’m not a friend of Sergey Majorova, it can not be noted here. I’m repulsed, disgusted and very sad…”

It turns out that Paul has spent time and nerves on shooting in program, which in the end brought nothing but disappointment. The singer called the transfer Mayorov “slop bucket” and called for a boycott of the show. And his mother Galina in the comments to the record admitted that she’s “itching” to sue the creators of “Once,” in court. “The villains. Grandma died when Pasha was 4 months old. Not had time to see it. And it still hurt like hell. How is that possible? I night then didn’t sleep. And I did not consent NTV to show themselves. I resent indefinitely!” — the mother writes Artemyev.

Recall that in the summer of 2010, Paul ended the contract on participation in the group “Roots”. In the same year he created the project “ARTEMIEV”. However, much more time and effort he devoted work in the troupe of the theatre “Practice”.