Хелен Миррен и Лиам Нисон впервые откровенно рассказали о своей любви
The actor admitted that he was smitten at first sight.

Хелен Миррен и Лиам Нисон впервые откровенно рассказали о своей любви

Helen Mirren


Liam Neeson


Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, a guest on a recent TV show, Graham Norton decided to make
fans, for the first time openly
speaking about his novel

As told
the actress, her love story with Neeson that took place almost 30 years ago, it is not
can forget still. “It was much more serious than just an ordinary
courtship. We really loved each other!” — admitted the 72-year-old Helen. And Liam, who met
with Mirren on the film “Excalibur”, said that he was smitten with Helen
first sight. “I remember the first time I saw her in the suit, Morgan and
immediately thought, “I lost!” with a smile told Neeson.

Liam remembered a funny
detail. Someone of his colleagues told him then that a Mocker Helen, if
she’s interested in any guy who starts to mimic him behind his
back. Liam suffered for a long time, but still could not resist: he once sharply turned and
saw a Peace of his copies. From that moment he decided that he has a chance
although, as told to Liam, he had
a lot of competition among the other actors, many of whom also liked

Roman Peace with Neeson over, both not immediately able to find their next
favorite. Liam met his wife Natasha Richardson, who died as a result
the accident in 2009, only 8 years after separation from Peace. And
Helen married his current wife
directed by Taylor of Hanford, only 12 years later — only in 1997.