“Helen and the boys”: what are the main characters in 50 years

«Элен и ребята»: как выглядят главные герои в 50 лет
The main heroine of the cult TV series of the 90s celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

Photo: “TASS”

French actress and singer Ellen Rolle was a mega-popular person in Russia after the release of the series “Helen and the boys” in 1993. The sitcom went on the First channel for two years and was always on the first lines of television ratings in its category. The best way to “drive” home a teenager at the time — to remind him that’s about to begin “Helen and the boys”.

Helen Kane and her colleagues played the young students of 17-18-year-olds who live in dorms and trying to find love. At the same time, Ellen at the time of filming there were more than 25. the bulk of her fans are that age seemed to be something exorbitant. Now the actress is already 50. her smile still radiates sincerity, as in “Helen and the boys”. Apparently, despite good incomes, the star of the 90s did not resort to plastic surgeons. In France to this day valued the naturalness in the image. Incidentally, in the life of Helen never found his one and only. The actress never married, but almost 5 years ago she adopted two children from Ethiopia — a boy and a girl, and went head first in their upbringing.

Her boyfriend in the series — Nicolas. He played the role of actor Patrick Pudemo. The actor is now 46, he is only preparing to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Patrick is a fairly well-known person in France. He leads the morning show on one of the channels, and regularly participates in other razvlekatelnyh TV programs. It is interesting that he is still not married. And lately increasingly says he is ready to become a father.