Heidi Klum showed how to look in a bikini at 43 years old

Хайди Клум показала, как выглядеть в бикини в 43 года

The supermodel starred in a candid photoshoot.

Heidi Klum proved once again that age is a beautiful body is not a hindrance. Summer mother of four children turned 43 years, can not be said, looking at her figure.

In the winter, Klum promised the fans that her own brand of lingerie will soon begin to produce and swimwear. The word Heidi kept, swimwear is ready and will soon go on sale. And who do they show in the advertisement, not the Klum? To do this, the star traveled to the Caribbean, where there was a photo shoot.

Looking at the backstage of the shooting that have not been processed with photoshop, I start to envy. Just imagine, four children and such a figure – perfect abs, long legs, toned hands. Not every girl in 20 years old can boast such a perfect body.

What is the secret? First, Klum runs daily at least 6 kilometers. Second, can not live without water, she surfs and swims. And, of course, watching their diet eats five times a day in small portions and avoid fast carbs.

Good morning everyone shooting @heidiklumintimates #heidiklumintimates

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By the way, despite the fact that the figure of the model superstrain, her line of swimwear is designed not only for skinny women, but for girls with curves. Heidi thinks she has managed to develop products which will allow any girl to look on the beach in the best light.