Хайди Клум перестала скрывать своего нового молодого любовника
The model is not shy to Express feelings to boyfriend in public.

Хайди Клум перестала скрывать своего нового молодого любовника

Heidi Klum


44-year-old Heidi Klum, who recently started Dating 28-year-old
the guitarist of Tokio Hotel — Tom Kaulitz, for the first time publicly demonstrated their love for
the public. Heidi, dressed in a glamorous red costume from Rasario, appeared with Tom on
the filming of the TV show America’s Got Talent. And, to the extreme
the amazement of the crew and participants of the program, began to kiss and
cuddle with Kaulitz, not at all ashamed of what they all look! Almost
all the time that Heidi was not in the picture, she didn’t leave Tom…

Thus, Klum actually confirmed the information about
she was having an affair with Kaulitz. For the first time reporters were able to film the model and Heidi
and Tom been together a little over a week ago, when they came together in the fashion in
West Hollywood restaurant — restaurant Delilah, where he stayed for
a romantic dinner by candlelight. Throughout the meal they flirted
with each other, but did not allow myself any “liberties”.
However, after the dinner, went together in his car.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz


Interestingly, Kaulitz younger than
the former boyfriend of 44-year-old
Heidi is a 31-year-old Vito Schnabel. Recall from Schnabel Heidi started
to meet once in 2014. However, over the years of their romance lover Heidi times
accuses of infidelity. So, in the fall of 2015 it caught vengeance
flirting at the bar with the star of “50 shades of grey” — Dakota Johnson. In
next year lyubeznaya Vito photographed with an unidentified brunette on secular
event. Last summer, reporters managed to photograph it
kissing passionately with a young beauty on the back seat of a taxi near
night club in London. Klum surprisingly constantly forgave him Vito
“pranks”. And only when it’s last September was involved in a scandal
drugs, her patience snapped.