Хайди Клум простила своего неверного молодого  любовника
The model was reunited with the 31-year-old Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum has surprised his fans with his vossoedinenii repeatedly changed her 31-year-old lover Vito
Schnabel. As told one of her friends the 44-year-old Heidi, the model is just not
he endured separation from Vito who all thought she finally
broke up in September 2017.

As it became known, before the New
Year, Klum began again secretly to meet with Schnabel. While the paparazzi don’t
managed to photograph them together because they are carefully hiding from reporters. But Klum
she unwittingly revealed his secret, sharing photos of the resort in Bali. Indeed, in
the same day Vito has posted on his page his photos taken in the same
place. But it soon became clear that Klum and Schnabel have really arrived
together at the resort, Nihi Sumba Resort,
located on the island in late December and met here
New year.

Heidi, to the bewilderment of her friends, was able to forgive her unfaithful
lover’s. But he, at least, three times, was caught by the paparazzi with a variety of beauties.
So, in the fall of 2015, his vengeance was caught flirting in the bar with the star of “50
shades of grey” — Dakota Johnson. The following year, Vito was caught lyubeznaya
with an unidentified brunette at a social event. Last summer, reporters have been
take a picture of him kissing passionately with a young hottie on the back of a taxi outside a nightclub
in London.

However, surprisingly, Heidi everytime positives a bit,
forgive Vito. But still, the bowl of its patience was overflowed, when Sanbal was involved in
loud scandal. Last September, he
was arrested when he was found with a significant amount of hallucinogenic
mushrooms’. Then Heidi stated that it had decided to part with Vito. Alas,
her determination did not last for long. Less than three months, as she him again