Heidi Klum has cloned himself for Halloween

Хайди Клум клонировала себя ради Хэллоуина

One of the reasons we’re so excited Halloween is Heidi Klum and her unbridled imagination. Every year, the supermodel stands out from the normal crowds of monsters, witches and superheroes. Heidi once admitted that preparing for the holiday in advance, and it shows. This time, Klum was me, but was at a party in the company.. its clones.

Heidi often called the “Queen of Halloween” and it is not without pleasure every year confirms the title. 43-year-old model showed up at the party, held in one of new York’s clubs Vandal in the form of the beautiful itself and your four clones. The women who came with her were the same height, same hair color and even their facial features were similar (well, the original was naturally more). It was the seventeenth party that was organized by Heidi. At the feast were seen the ice-tea wife cook, Nick cannon, Neil Patrick Harris, Paris Hilton and other notorious persons.
6 Oct Klum has intrigued fans by posting his pictures in the piece of costume.
“First fitting for Halloween … Who would I be this time? You can guess?!?!?!?!?!” — she wrote, leaving subscribers to break his head. The options were very different from Kim Kardashian, to the heroines of blockbusters, but no one guessed even close to what this year will be Heidi.