Хайди Клум не желает слышать о том, что она старше своего бойфренда
The model prefers not to think about old age.

Хайди Клум не желает слышать о том, что она старше своего бойфренда

Heidi Klum


45-year-old Heidi Klum is furious that outsiders are trying to influence her affair with 28-year-old rock musician Tom Kaulitz. “I’m deadly
tired of all the constant and indelicately reminded of the fact that I’m 17
years older than Tom,” said Klum,

“You know, I don’t tend to ponder too much on
this topic. I know that getting older and will someday be old. Well
what, this is happening with everyone! But I don’t think about it constantly. I am very
far from in the morning to carefully examine yourself in the mirror looking
new signs of aging…” said Heidi.

Klum, her age difference with boyfriend is quite disturbing. Moreover,
she recalls the years when he hears about it from other people. “You know, I
I think it does not matter how much someone years. You need not torture ourselves
worry, just try to happily live their lives. Because of the anxiety
and worry, just have a new wrinkle!”

Recall that on the novel Heidi with Tom began in March of this year. Then he came up with Klum on the shooting of the TV show America’s Got
Talent in which she participated. And in may at the Cannes film festival Heidi first appeared with him on the red
track: was
it is impossible not to notice that Kaulitz is not only shy of his much more
“adult” friends, but clearly proud of her. Last month, Klum
noted with your loved his birthday and admitted that Fact made her happy as ever.

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