Хайди Клум не захотела быть женой миллионера

43-year-old supermodel has rejected the offer of marriage from businessman Vito Schnabel.

Recently Heidi Klum was spotted at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of his boyfriend Vito Schnabel in Jamaica. Celebrity even posted a picture of the coast in the arms of Mr right. And we’ve thought a little more, and the lovers were married, but not so…

Vito Schnabel invited Heidi Klum to be his wife in front of his guests on his birthday. Saying that he did not get down on bended knee before his beloved, but the ring is still given. Heidi took the ring, and walking down the aisle refused.

“I was already married two times. Two or three times unsuccessfully. More risk that I’m not ready” – quoted the words of Heidi Klum insiders.

In the end, Heidi and Vito decided to leave everything the same as it was before the proposal of marriage. Who knows, maybe after some time the model still dare to marriage. In the same interview she admitted to journalists that Vito feels like a stone wall.

Heidi Klum is Dating Vito Schnabel about two years. To him, the model had an affair with her security guard Martin Kristen, which lasted to two years.

Also the celebrity was twice married. From 1997 to 2002, Heidi was married to stylist Rico Pipino, and from 2005 to 2012 musician Power. She is now single and has four children: 12-year-old Helen, 11-year-old Henry, 10-year-old Yohan and 6-year-old Lou.

By the way!

It became known that he refused to marry 26-year-old singer Taylor swift. She repeatedly said that she wanted to be a wife and mother, but rejected the offer of marriage from his 35-year-old boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Read more HERE.

It seems that the theory of experts, that without exception, all women dream to get married, is not true.

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