Heidi Klum completely naked in new photo shoot

Хайди Клум полностью обнажилась в новой фотосессии

Former Victoria’s Secret angel, mother of four children, supermodel Heidi Klum fans and completely naked for a new photoshoot by famous British photographer John Rankin.

Хайди Клум полностью обнажилась в новой фотосессии

Such “indelicate” gift model made himself in anticipation of his birthday is July 1, Heidi will be 44 years old. A photo shoot was timed to the date of Heidi – 25 years ago began her career. In the pictures the supermodel showed excellent figure for her age, which would be envied by young girls.

New candid photos of John Rankin has done for his books on Klum. The celebrity herself said in his account Instagram. The model has posted pictures and proudly signed: “I am very pleased to present you the cover of my new book from Rankine”. The work of the British under the name of Heidi Klum By Rankin, where the author shows the contribution of stars in the fashionable industry, claims to be a best seller.

Хайди Клум полностью обнажилась в новой фотосессии

Presented and Souvenirs with images of Heidi Klum London. The edition is limited. It attracted the attention of many supermodels, but fans of Rankin’s talent.

German supermodel happily says his naked photo shoot, which caused a wide resonance. She says she became confident and decided to praise the female body. Heidi Klum said that many of her friends asked her why, mother, successful woman, 44 years old to pose naked and put images on display to millions. However, the supermodel did not see anything terrible and thus glorifies the female body regardless of age.

According to Klum, this was not the first experience of posing Nude. It turned out, the model before was filmed without clothes, but the pictures she did not put on public display. Heidi noticed that before when she was younger, it bothered her shyness. With age, the modesty and complexes are gone. Now the angel loves himself and his body. She even on the beach where a lot of people prefer to go Topless.

However, Heidi is disingenuous, it is always without hesitation showed her perfect figure. This is despite the fact that Klum’s two sons and daughters: 11-year-old Henry, 10-year-old Johan, and 7-year-old Lou, and 13-year-old Leni.