Хайди Клум и Вито Шнабель всё ещё вместе

Supermodel Heidi Klum seems to have decided to close VB at the love Affairs of her fiance Vito Stacks. A womanizer at that time was podlovlena paparazzi making out with another girl, but proslavlenny model this fact does not bother at all. After an explanation of Vito and his oaths that he “just had a friendly hug close friend of the family”, the conflict has been exhausted. It is in spite of fotodokazatelstvo that passionate kissing “friend of the family” continued in the cab until it disappeared from sight photographers.

According to the insider close to Heidi Klum, she still meets up with Vito. So, a couple got on the U2 concert at the MetLife stadium in new Jersey. Lovers were holding hands and passionately kissing.
According to sources, Heidi is happy with this situation as it is. Vito really like her, but marry him she will not go.
“She says she will never marry, because they do not see the point in registering relationship. She has four beautiful children. She is calm in the place which is now” — said the insider.