Хайди Клум и Том Каулитц на шоппинге и романтическом ланче

In a rebuke to all the haters and critics, Heidi Klum and her young boyfriend Tom Kaulitz do not stop to show love to each other in public. Not ashamed of anyone, they passionately kiss, feed each other and hug.

Хайди Клум и Том Каулитц на шоппинге и романтическом ланче

The day started with shopping a pair along with scarier daughter Heidi Helen. According to the press, Tom gets along well with all children supermodels. He also found a common language with the family dog, Klum, which can often be seen on walks a couple.

After shopping the stars have two of them went off for lunch at one of the restaurants does not hesitate to show their romantic feelings. Heidi tenderly nursed the young man, and he didn’t skimp on the kisses.

Recall now that Heidi Klum without her boyfriend anywhere, she even took it to the award ceremony “Emmy”. As always, the outfit, the model was supplemented with fine decorations, which this time turned out to be not on hand. curious paparazzi and fans saw something in them more. On the ring finger of Heidi, the public saw a big ring, “like a wedding”. After that there were rumors about the engagement Klum and Kaulitz who came and to the stars.

“I don’t understand where it all came from. Each counter asks me about it. I always wear a lot of jewelry is part of my job. To every image I select and the accessories. And Yes, including the big rings,” said Heidi.

Roman top models Heidi Klum and guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel Tom Kaulitz has caused a lot of questions about the public. The fact that Heidi is 45 years old, and her lover — 28! 17 year difference did not bother the couple, but the constant questions and statements in the direction of age of Heidi forced the model to speak.

“My boyfriend is much younger than me, and in many people this causes confusion, they are constantly asking me questions. Perhaps, the first time I started to poke in the face with my age, so I want to give an answer. Actually, I don’t pay attention to that. Each of us should try to live this life happily and do not look for the opinions of others. The extra excitement will only increase the number of wrinkles on your face.”

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