Хайди Клум и Том Каулитц отдыхают в Гонконге

The relationship 45-year-old supermodel Heidi Klum and guitarist of Tokyo, Wanted 29-year-old Tom Kaulitz develop with extraordinary speed. Despite the impressive age difference, the couple already planning a wedding ceremony. Distracted by wedding preparation and work, Tom and Heidi went to rest in Hong Kong.

Хайди Клум и Том Каулитц отдыхают в Гонконге

Arriving in a cloudy city, the couple decided to dispel the boredom and share instagram photos spicy. Heidi likes to sleep Topless, as can be seen in the photo, which her lover captured on the lens of the phone. The photo caused a stir among the fans: half rejoiced sincere feelings of the couple, and the others said — too revealing for a mother of four children.

Хайди Клум и Том Каулитц отдыхают в Гонконге
recall that the couple has confirmed the engagement, Heidi told reporters about the delight children, who can’t wait for the wedding! Earlier, the lovers went to a vacation in Mexico. For the trip were chosen Mexican town of Cabo, which is famous for beautiful views and incredible beaches. Excellent choice for advertising campaign of a line of lingerie model Heidi Klum Intimates. And to those in the workflow will not be bored!

To show that Heidi is not only rest with the young man, but engaged in the work, the supermodel put intimate photos. On it she is lying on an inflatable butterfly. Lovely wings as if growing right out of the back of the model! The photo turned out well, very Frank, because the model it is Topless. With one hand she covers her breast.

The paparazzi managed to catch a couple on vacation. Judging by the photos, Heidi celebrated thanksgiving with the closest — boyfriend and children.

now Heidi Klum without her boyfriend anywhere, she even took it to the award ceremony “Emmy”. As always, the outfit, the model was supplemented with fine decorations, which this time turned out to be not on hand. curious paparazzi and fans saw something in them more. On the ring finger of Heidi, the public saw a big ring, “like a wedding”. After that there were rumors about the engagement Klum and Kaulitz who came and to the stars.

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