Heidi Klum admitted that she is a born nudist

Хайди Клум призналась, что она — прирожденная нудистка
The actress is not shy about his body.

Heidi Klum

Photo: @heidiklum (Instagram Heidi Klum)

Heidi Klum, who noted
the other day my 44th birthday, admitted that she is “a little bit hippie.
And what if she’s given a choice — what
walk — in the best dress, or “eve”, she will not hesitate to choose
the second option. About this model said in an interview with the online edition people.com.

“My parents adhered to
always very liberal, so I guess I’ve never been embarrassed to be
naked. When I’m home alone, I usually
go without clothes. If the weather allows,
of course. When I come to visit, I certainly have never seen them naked. But
on a warm Sunny day, I like to sunbathe
without a bathing suit in the backyard. The fact that I just hate the white stripes, which
stay in the sun from bikini…” — said Klum.

However, as admitted
Heidi, a figure which is still flawless, and she’s on the beach doesn’t like to flaunt
in a bathing suit. “If in the vicinity are seen other photographers or tourists, I don’t
thinking, get rid of the “top”. But it’s not that I want
show your figure, just so I
feel much more natural!” explained Heidi. Moreover, as recognized by the model, she and
the podium remains true to herself. “Believe me, I much prefer
to show lingerie collection than “defile” on high
heels and fancy dress…” — has told model.

However, all that said, Klum is hardly a surprise — after all, Heidi is constantly photographed on the beaches,
in the company of her boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, in the same “eve”. However, Klum,
which brings up four children — aged 7 to 13 years — still
cares about that when this was not around her children.