Каблуки Мелании Трамп погрузились в траву возле Белого дома

Melania trump impressively remained stable because of her shoes, all her rear with the heel kept on to take in the grass, leaving the part in the National Championship Playoff in football among colleges with Donald on January 13.
49-year-old Melania trump, and her high knee-high boots with heels have experienced something like “oops!” While walking across the White house lawn on 13 January! The first lady went on Board the “Marine One” with her husband, the President of the 73 – year-old Donald trump to take part in the National championship playoff in College football between Clemson University and the State University of Louisiana in New Orleans, Louisiana, when her heels sank in the green grass, leaving a large hint of autumn weather. But it has maintained the balance and reached the ladder without incident.

In addition to its fashionable black heel shoes Melania looks great in a black leather coat with belt worth 2000 $ brand “Scanlan Theodore”, which covered the first lady with its length just below the knee. The first beauty of the country all smiled, while Donald spoke with the media, and they both greeted the audience before their helicopter flight. After arriving at joint base Andrews in Maryland, they went on Board of the air force 1 and headed to the place of destination. The championship is the third time Donald attends a football game in College this season, and the second time watching LSU.
Before his trip to New Orleans with Donald Melania hit the news headlines that came in second place after a 55-year-old former first lady Michelle Obama as “Most admired woman, Gallup” poll in 2019. Michelle scored 10% of the vote, while Melania has earned 5%, followed by the followed by other impressive women, including Oprah Winfrey, 65, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, 72 years old, and a young climate activist Greta Thunberg, 17 years old, which earned 3% each. Donald and the former President of the USA Barack Obama, 58 years old, bound by history as the most revered man.
Looks like you already started your new year, despite the problems with her shoes. We look forward to meeting her in the coming months.

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