«Жара»: Седокова, Малахов и другие звезды в Баку

In the capital of Azerbaijan started the festival Emin Agalarov “Heat”.

Yesterday, 9 July, in Baku has landed a starship troopers. Ani Lorak, Anita Tsoy, Alexey Vorobyov, Vladimir Presnyakov and many others went to the shore of the Caspian sea on a visit to Emin Agalarov. He decided to throw in his hometown music festival. As the party host Emin personally came to the airport to meet the star colleagues. It was accompanied by Grigory Leps, who helped in organizing the event, and local musicians who are not just welcomed our artists, but also made them dance.

By day, the stars relaxed on the beach. So much so that the name of the festival were met in full. When Anna Sedokova in the eyes of the astonished crowd rushed in a t-shirt in the pool, all was very, very hot. And, as you know, no matter what the thermometer showed 30 degrees above zero… And at that time Andrey Malakhov together with Yana Churikova had fun on the beach. Andrew rode the ATV, and Jan posed for him. Philip, as usual, had spent the day in the company of her best friend Ani Lorak. The day had lunch, walked around, and in the evening appeared together on the red carpet.

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By the way, dressed stars were on the track quite affordable. Distinguished is that Svetlana Loboda, who wore the top this season, Nude. So the singer looked as if they only came in one skirt. The “naked” outfits lately are very popular among our stars.

“Music festival nowadays plays an important role not only in the world of music, and all the world! — spoke on the red carpet Grigory Leps. — Know how not just to organize this scale of a real music festival. In Sochi, as you know, is the winter festival “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”. I am very glad that now there is a music festival in Baku “Heat”. I hope that he will survive here, will be bright and will bring us together no matter what! I am for music that has no boundaries! The festival will be a lot of artists of different musical styles, and will be new to many names! I will present a part of their artists to work with our production center. Very, very bright artists!!! Even where we can say, talented daring: Tanya Shirko, Ramadi, Daniel storms, Sharif… I Think that the future belongs to them!”

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