Heartbreak: Marilyn Kerro broke up with Alexander Sheps

Разбитое сердце: Мэрилин Керро рассталась с Александром Шепсом

They were the most beautiful and extraordinary couple, many predicted the wedding for them and spoke about eternal love. However, recently the Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro decided to talk about his personal life and relationship with Alexander Sheps. She said that he and Alexander are not together anymore.

In the social network of Marilyn posted a sincere post, which talked about the twists and turns in relations with the Sheps. The witch said that has repeatedly talked about the breakup, but didn’t believe her. Your post she called an official statement on the dissolution of their couple.
“I bring to your attention that Alexander Sheps are not a couple,” wrote Kerro.
Also the witch said that after breaking up with Sheps has no more relationship to the “Magic Workshop” in Samara. By the way, the magic shop was opened by the psychics together.
Marilyn Kerro not disown feelings for Alexander. She said that relationship ended, but the young men remained friends. It is this fact girl explained their joint photos from various events from time to time appear in the network.
Estonian witch told the fans why split up such a colorful couple.
“This does not mean that something has happened. It’s all good. We each have our own life, and I respect Sasha,” wrote Kerro.
Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro were of the brightest participants of the TV show “Battle of psychics” 17th of the season. Feelings among young people has emerged in the project. In the end, the psychics did not hide tender feelings to each other and did kissing.
Fans of the pair were confident that the Sheps and Kerro were married. But after the project started a couple of difficulty. Alexander was not ready for family life. He sought to make a career and worked steadily. But merry on the contrary, plunged into the everyday life and expressed the desire to have a baby.
According to rumors, Sheps first suggested the girl to live separately. She took it as an insult. After that, relations began to decline.